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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 09:43

Motherless Daughters of Southwest Saskatchewan meeting for second annual event set for May 13

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Last year Tracy Bowie decided to do something different. She wanted to reach out to women who were living in southwest Saskatchewan who grew up without a mom and bring them all together. They could share their stories of life devoid of an important parental figure.

Thus the Motherless Daughters of Southwest Saskatchewan was created.
Bowie, a native of Piapot, hosted the spring 2016 event and brought a group of women together. It was such a success, she is doing it again.
The second annual edition Motherless Daughters of Southwest Saskatchewan luncheon is being held May 13 at Redmond House in Maple Creek. Bowie is hoping to build on the meeting that took place last year.
“I think everyone took something away with them last year. That made the effort to host worthwhile. To know that the sharing of experiences and life journeys can strengthen each other is the reason to keep trying to reach out year after year,” explains Bowie. “Hopefully, others who haven’t been before will have reached the point in their own grief process where they feel able to join us to gain from our insight. It takes willingness to participate in order to gain benefit.
“Last year, the focus was on early mother loss. This year, we are welcoming any woman for whom Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday to face as they are separated from their mother by death, neglect or abandonment, regardless of age at which loss occurred.”
Bowie says this year’s event will feature Kit Deux from Saskatoon speaking on the topic of “Self-Care: Filling the Voids Within Motherlessness.”
Bowie says it is important to host another event this year and was encouraged to do so because it is important to have a defined connection to others who have felt the same emotions or had the same experiences.
She adds it is an opportunity to find a “supportive and understanding audience, and a reinforcement that we are not alone in our motherlessness.”
Bowie notes a lot can be said for the benefits of spending quality time with those whom share a loss.
“It is a relief to be understood,” explains Bowie. “I was surprised at the sharing that took place. Each person comes with their own background and it is very interesting to realize how diverse the situations can be that cause us to share this heart-wrenching issue.
“At the same time, similarities are recognized in the journeys beyond loss. I cannot speak to any newly-formed relationships — we are a small community and relationships remained as they had been, I think, other than now being able to recognize fellow members of ‘The Club.’”
Bowie says discussions are underway with several other agencies to bring proven programs to the community regarding bereavement, grief and the grieving process. Any investment in the emotional and mental health of an individual within a community benefits the whole community.
Bowie is happy she was able to organize this event.
“Very happy, but definitely a lot of work, as it always is when trying to establish something new,” Bowie explains. “Without community involvement, either in sharing on social media, talking about it with friends and family to expand awareness of the group and event, or for those who most benefit, making the tough decision to join us, it would fail regardless of my efforts.”
A new Facebook page has been created to keep the public informed of any upcoming programming, including workshops, mentoring opportunities and educational programs.
“Personally, I believe it is the honour and responsibility of every member of society to do good where they can, help uplift, and be the positive they wish to see reflected,” adds Bowie.
Due to the personal nature of the event, Bowie wants participants to pre-register. Tickets are $40 per person. There will be no day-of registration or purchase permitted.
Those interested can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 306-558-4408 to secure a spot and get details. Deadline to pre-register and purchase tickets is May 9.

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