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Downward Goat Yoga (with goats!) comes to the Hills

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After opening Saskatchewan's first "Goat Walk" and delighting guests with a chance to feed, pet and interact with both Dwarf (mini) goats and Nubian goats, owner Dana Hassett repeatedly heard visitors who came back time and time again for both the delightful baking and the goats at the Goat Walk, remark that they needed to head out to "get their goat therapy."  


An understandable remark, says Hassett, giving how gentle, sweet and peaceful goats are, not too mention cute.  

Seeing that their Goat Walk, was offering visitors a chance to destress and connect with animals in a way never before offered, the germ of an idea, helped along by the mention of a goat yoga class seen by a friend, began to form in Hassett's mind. Why not offer their own version of goat yoga at Grotto Gardens to give people an even more intimate setting in which to connect with goats?

"It seemed lke a natural next step-up from our Goat Walk," explains Hassett, "and it fits in so well with the type of full agri-tourism type of experience that we are looking to offer here at Grotto Gardens."

Located on Highway 21, just outside of Maple Creek, as visitors travel to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Grotto Gardens Country Market offers visitors a chance to gain or regain a connection with their agriculture roots.  

"We designed Grotto Gardens as a place where people could come and enjoy fresh home-made baking, step-out into our Saskatoon orchard and pick their own berries, shop for some wonderful country-inspired gifts, and connect with nature in our gardens and with the farmyard animals we house. Offering them an additional opportunity to connect with our goats in a more authentic way, where the social nature of goats could be experienced, just seemed like a comfortable next step."

To house their new endeavour, Grotto Gardens will be building their own "Yoga Barn" in the corner of their property where the Grotto that the property is named for lies. An area of spiritual significance to the family, and one that is ideal to house this exciting new endeavour.

"This is all about creating an experience like no other," says Hassett, "and we're very excited to see the response."

To reserve your space in a Downward Goat Yoga class, at the Grotto Gardens Yoga Barn visit: .  

Cost for a 1hr class is $18pp / Cost for a 1hr class with a healthy prairie lunch is $30pp / and cost for a 1hr class, with lunch and an official Downward Goat Yoga T-Shirt is $60pp.

Note: This new experience was created, in part, with support from Tourism Saskatchewan's Into Left Field Tourism Development Program.

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