Ryan Dahlman

Ryan Dahlman

Managing Editor

Hey Nicona Brost, what did you do this summer?

They came to Swift Current to do kickflips, show off their boardslides and to get as high as possible into the air.

When Calgary's Irene White and her husband started the Alberta Wish Trail Ride in 2009, she did it inspired by her father who sadly passed away about a year earlier.

It's funny how lives are parallel to one another: such as the case for the Alberta Wish Trail Ride coming up in September.

Right now, it’s still just a dream, but a dream that’s becoming closer to reality.

In calling Swift Current Minor Baseball’s Angela Schultz, it’s not surprising the background noise on her cell phone.

Knights, minstrels, ferrels, damsels and everything else medieval were on full display Aug. 10-11 as the 10th Annual Brooks Medieval Faire took over the old Brooks Rodeo grounds located in the southeast area of the community of 13,500.

Former Medicine Hat resident Christiana Pillibeit has just completed something that not too many people have the opportunity or ability to — compete in a world-caliber championship.

Elmwood Golf Club’s Class A Professional Jeff Chambers’ resumé is sparkling: 2012 Saskatchewan Professional of the Year; 2011 Saskatchewan Player of the Year; 2010 Canadian Junior Leader of the Year; 2008-2011 Saskatchewan Junior Promoter of the Year; 2009, 2011 Saskatchewan Head Pro Player of the Year.

Now we know why Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wears all of those sweaters — he wants to stay warm while he talks to government officials from the United States.  (Cue: drum rim shot).

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