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MHC Student of the Year’s education anything but a drag

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MHC Student of the Year’s education anything but a drag Photo contributed

Brooke Hawker's life is going in a positive direction.

She always has her foot pressed on the gas pedal and it's working out for her.
It may not come as too much of a surprise the recent graduate from the Bachelor of Business Administration (General Management from Mount Royal University) taken at the Medicine Hat College, has her own marketing business already. She enjoyed a successful stint at the college, learning a lot and making many key contacts.
Hawker is also a big part of the major Women in Business movement in Medicine Hat as the volunteer sponsorship director and media coordinator.
All impressive, but add to the fact she was this year's Medicine Hat College Student of the Year which was awarded to her at the June 4 convocation ceremony in the school’s gymnasium.
To say this year has been success is a bit of an understatement. Hawker found out about the prestigious Student of the Year award a few weeks ago via phone message. She initially thought there was a problem with class accreditation and may not graduate. It turned out it was quite the opposite.
"I'm really proud  as I'm the first one in my family to get a degree," explains Hawker.  
She says that her family frequented Medicine Hat growing up and was familiar with southeast Alberta having been born and raised in Calgary.
While backpacking across Europe after finishing school, her parents informed her they were moving to Medicine Hat and she would have to get her things. Young Brooke left the mega-city and came to southern Alberta. She decided to go to post-secondary school so she tried the University of Lethbridge, but acknowledges that it definitely wasn't the right fit. Hawker looked to see what the Medicine Hat College had to offer, because she really wasn't familiar with the local post secondary institution.
It turns out it was one of the best moves she ever made.
"I can't speak highly enough of the instructors and staff at the college," explains Hawker. "The quality instruction, the smaller class sizes, and the instructors really care about you — it was completely opposite of what I experienced before (in Lethbridge)."
She recalls one defining incident at MHCwhen she was first starting at the school. Hawker realized she was in the right place.
"The instructors know your name. I know one time, I missed my first class, at the time I thought you know, ‘no big deal.’ Later in the day, I was walking in the hallways and I heard my name called and it was my instructor Carole Hillson. She was really concerned and then she says to me, "you missed my class. Are you alright?" I'm thinking, 'she knows my name and was worried about me. I'm not missing anymore classes.’"
Hawker adds instructors such as Tara Williams and her emphasis on business planning was important. Hawker says Williams taught her it’s critical to take the love and passion out of a business idea itself and ensurethere is a logical business plan in place. She added Miranda Davies promotions class was intense. Both courses served her well.
"I owe just about everything to that school," explains Hawker who says having the opportunity to work on real-life promotions with real budgets through support of a business grant from Paradise Golf Course was invaluable.
Her experience and the confidence instilled at her by the school encouraged her to open Evoke Inspired Marketing where she lives by four key principles to the plan of marketing attack: research, create, implement and evaluate. Each aspect she puts a lot of thorough preparation and effort into.
With all of this unique success and her desire to keep pushing hard, it's not surprising that she has a unique activity she has shared with her family since Brooke was a child.
Her family was always into was drag racing. Hawker has been coming to the drag strip since she was eight years old. Her parents would drive down from Calgary to the Medicine Hat Speedway on a regular basis. When they moved to Medicine Hat, they kept up the tradition.
Today, Hawker is a regular racer at the Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association and compete in the NHRA Championship Drag Racing in the Super Pro division. She says it's a Spitzer rear engine dragster.
"My last race I did a low nine seconds in the quarter-mile," explains Hawker. "It's awesome. Drag racing for us is kinda like people who go to the cottage or travel in their motel homes. It's our version of's just relaxing for us."
Last year, she finished 18th which was pretty good considering she didn't get any points in 6 of the 12 races. Her first race this year was May 30 and has one coming up on Fathers Day weekend June 19-21 (see If you're interested in her marketing company visit or check out Twitter @BBHawker

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