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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:55

MHC the site for Suffield relationship counsellor’s seminar

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Suffield resident Cat Williams describes herself as  “relationship counsellor and life-coach specializing in stress, happiness and relationships at work and home.”

Perhaps she could add a rail line conductor for people’s lives: she helps people get themselves back on track. Her no-nonsense approach in getting people to come up with their own solutions comes from a simple philosophy she has: everyone is doing well, not perfect. Stress comes from oneself and the challenge is to not create more stress than is necessary. People have to decide how much stress they create in their personal lives. No one can make a person happy.
Once people realize this, a lot of questions and problems which deal with a person’s self worth can be eliminated. Williams says this is especially true
in January, right after Christmas.
“Stress at this time of year can come from jealousy. We’ve just been celebrating Christmas and we see family members doing well or a neighbour getting such and such a thing,” explains Williams. “Christmas throws more at you than any time of year so you try to make things better for yourself and (others around you). Most of the rest of us try to spin all of those plates at the same time, that’s when some fall.”
With that in mind, Williams is offering two informative seminars at the Medicine Hat College.
She will be holding two sessions in Medicine Hat. The first is an evening session Feb. 5 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. with
the second session going March 8 from
1-4 p.m. Each cost $85 and will take place in room F1007 at the college.
A fee includes the book Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws At You.
“It’s not going to be a lecture, it’s much more of a discussion-type of thing,” explains Williams. “I’d rather have people challenge what I’m saying. ...not everyone wants to go to a doctor about things. It’s easier to make people realize things face-to-face.”
As she says in her book, people have a difficult time valuing themselves enough to make time for what helps them with their self-esteem. If they look after themselves, they can then positively love and support others, rather than using or needing those people to feel better about themselves.
“The main thing I do is reinforcing
the recipe for what makes people go,” explains Williams. “People already know what makes them feel happy.
“(In other words) put on your own oxygen mask first. Worry about your own life first, only you can control your life. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes.”
Williams is a true professional and her work has been getting noticed. She has also been interviewed by BBC radio, Huffington Post UK and has articles published in and Business in Northern Ireland and MarieClaire (UK) magazines to name a few.
According to a biography on Williams, “she has a Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Kings College London and is qualified in counselling with the renowned UK charity ‘Relate’ in 2007. Cat has lived and worked in many different locations due to being a British Army wife. She’s currently based in Suffield.”
However, Williams will be moving back to England this spring. She is pleased she has the opportunity to do these seminars as previous discussions about her book have done well too.
She is also active on social media.
For more information on Williams,
her articles, book, and blog check out, follow her on Twitter @catstaycalm or visit her Facebook page at: “Stay Calm and Content.”
Williams is especially proud of the book which is sold on Amazon, with one review which stated “Stay Calm and Content is the best book I have read on self-development, ever.”

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