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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:03

Women’s Sundogs have a great year despite going winless in Westerns

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While it wasn’t the greatest way to end the season, Great Plains College SunDogs’ women’s coach Morgan Montgomery is still satisfied with how the women played.


The SunDogs lost all of their matches in two sets to ACC, Kelsey, Ambrose and Manitoba’s St. Boniface.
“The girls had a very consistent weekend with their play and we ended the season with a lot of great games, strong matches and most importantly we all had a lot of fun,” explained Montgomery. “It would have been nice to continue playing a little longer on Saturday or have a few wins, but the girls fought hard in each set they played. We went into the weekend in a tough pool, but never let that bother us.”
Montgomery couldn’t have been more proud of her team as they made huge strides this season.
The team won a lot of matches and along with the Prairie Athletic Conference champion men’s squad, played in front of some large and enthusiastic crowds.
She said there was a lot of growth and despite the fact they lost their final match to St. Boniface, Montgomery indicated that might have been their best match of the season.
“I think the girls all grew tremendously throughout the season not just as individuals and athletes but as a team. We were focused on consistent strong playing throughout an entire set and match and the girls achieved that as a team during the final weekend at Westerns,” said Montgomery.
“I believe we may have been able to place a higher at provincials or Westerns but the girls had a great showing throughout the entire season and I couldn’t be happier with that. The success at Battle Southwest was also something I couldn’t be more pleased about. It is always nice to be able to keep that cup at home.
“As a coach I can definitely say I had some growth this season. I had a wonderful group of athletes and they challenged not only themselves but me as well throughout the season. We had a few players step into new roles on the court and as a coach that challenged me to help them not only develop specific skills related to those rolls but also in developing their confidence to play those positions. At the end of every season it is always nice to look forward to the break ahead but it is always sad to say goodbye to another team and another great group of athletes. No matter what the results, in the end, each season is always worth it.”

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Ryan Dahlman

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