College Corner

College Corner

On February 9,  Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) Brooks Campus held their annual awards ceremony.

For the remainder of the regular season, Medicine Hat College (MHC) is offering the community free admission to the Rattlers games and a free pop and popcorn voucher for kids under 18 years.

The one thing people will come to quickly learn about the new manager of the Conservatory of Music and Dance is how down-to-earth, easy going and approachable he appears to be.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:01

MHC set to host a busy job fair Feb. 24

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In light of what is undoubtedly a difficult time in Alberta’s economy and with many people losing their employment, they are looking for answers as the economic climate has changed drastically.

The poor economy and job losses, which Canadian Press reported as being the worst since 1982, is equating into people looking for new careers or students wondering which ones to get into.

Sherry Woitte wants youngsters to be interested in reading and in doing so has a different idea for teachers to help.

It’s well into the new year and perhaps those new year’s resolutions involving losing weight or getting more exercise are already broken and done. Part of the issue is not being properly informed on different aspects of healthy living. The Medicine Hat College is a logical place where people can start to learn.

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