College Corner

College Corner

It’s a busy time of year for Catherine Annau, manager of Visual and Performing Arts at the Medicine Hat College.

Medicine Hat College (MHC) Continuing Studies is partnering with SAAMIS Aboriginal Employment and Training Association to deliver a twenty week pre-trades program starting October 6, 2014.

Marketing some southeast Alberta businesses as well as the Medicine Hat Library is not only helping showcase the clients, but has proven invaluable for the four Medicine Hat College business students involved.

When a post-secondary institution can say it successfully has all of its students from a program garner employment, that is the ultimate in success.

Whether you’re a high-school or college student or even a middle-aged person feeling you’re wearing shoes in quicksand rather than working boots, career counselling may be helpful to alleviate the problem.

In this day of employment fluctuations, there’s a lot of angst amongst not only high-school or college students in what career path to take and hence what courses are needed to accomplish those goals, but for those who have already established themselves in one career, but are looking to do something else.

The Medicine Hat College is generally filled with students in their late teens to mid-twenties trying to grasp that next level of learning.

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