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College Corner

"Post-Secondary Education is the Answer" advocacy meeting will be held in Medicine Hat March 6 at the Medicine Hat College.

The Medicine Hat College’s Conservatory of Music and Dance has a strong reputation for having gifted and highly-educated instructors who can get the most out of their students by teaching them in innovative ways.

Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:11

MakerSpace at MHC will be a unique way to learn

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It’s being billed as a “community of exciting, creative people who are interested in exploring emerging technologies, learning new hands-on skills and sharing ideas with others in a co-creative environment.”

One of the main goals for a post-secondary institution is for the students to get a good education, but another is for students to be able to make direct connections with the industry.

Alberta’s economy is in a state of flux as petroleum prices slide, the dollar weakens and layoffs are taking place in various sectors.

Not so long ago, it was an arduous process to apply for scholarships which included long printed application forms and writing monotonous essays.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 11:17

Makerspace YXH at MHC sure to be a hit

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The open area, affectionately known as “Café Corner” in the Vera Bracken Library in the Medicine Hat College is about to get even busier later in February.

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