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College Corner

They tried it. They liked it.

It’s a busy morning Feb. 26 and Holly Stadnicki, executive director with the United Way of South Eastern Alberta, was standing on a platform in the Terrace Room in Chinook Village retirement homes in Medicine Hat in  front of a room full of Medicine Hat College (MHC) students.

"Post-Secondary Education is the Answer" advocacy meeting will be held in Medicine Hat March 6 at the Medicine Hat College.

The Medicine Hat College’s Conservatory of Music and Dance has a strong reputation for having gifted and highly-educated instructors who can get the most out of their students by teaching them in innovative ways.

Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:11

MakerSpace at MHC will be a unique way to learn

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It’s being billed as a “community of exciting, creative people who are interested in exploring emerging technologies, learning new hands-on skills and sharing ideas with others in a co-creative environment.”

One of the main goals for a post-secondary institution is for the students to get a good education, but another is for students to be able to make direct connections with the industry.

Alberta’s economy is in a state of flux as petroleum prices slide, the dollar weakens and layoffs are taking place in various sectors.

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