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The Alberta government has committed up to $25 million under the 2011 Southern Alberta Disaster Recovery Program for communities hit hard by spring floods in southern Alberta.

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Officials with the City of Brooks will again be partaking in the mosquito control program this year.
The Parks Services Mosquito Control Program is designed to help combat West Nile Virus through a larvae control program. The program is not meant for nuisance mosquito control; the larvicide targets potential mosquito breeding sites in and around the city killing off mosquito larvae.

By Ryan Dahlman
Just like a kaleidoscope, the Prairie Rose School Division's June 11 fundraiser was a colourful event.

In a variety of colours: students, parents, teachers and even members of a variety of southeastern Alberta communities came out to support the fine arts program in the Prairie Rose School Division.

The Prairie Rose School Division hosted its inaugural Kaleidoscope of the Arts Fun Run at River Valley Park in south Redcliff Saturday morning. With 75 runners out, organizers were thrilled with the response.
No financial tallies were gathered as of yet, but totals should be figured out this upcoming week. For more on this story, read the June 17th edition of Prairie Post.

By Rose Sanchez
Southeast Alberta
Thanks to the lobbying of concerned parents, staff and board administration, Prairie Rose School Division will receive a one-time grant of $700,000 in September to help alleviate some funding concerns.

Alberta Agriculture


Students in Brooks will benefit from a new Kindergarten-to-Grade 6 school to be constructed in their community as a result of an investment in local school infrastructure. A total of 35 schools across Alberta will be built or modernized at an estimated cost of $550 million to cope with a student population expected to soar by about 100,000 new pupils before the end of the decade.

Alberta Education
Students in Medicine Hat will benefit from a new Kindergarten-to-Grade 9 school and Bow Island students will see improvements to Bow Island Elementary School and Senator Gershaw School in their community as a result of an investment in local school infrastructure.

By Rose Sanchez

Officials with the Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) will have gained a better understanding  of Alberta’s new proposed Education Act after meeting with deputy education ministers Wednesday.

By Neil Bousquet
For most winter weary Albertans, summer can’t arrive fast enough. 

By Elizabeth Heatcoat
Capitalizing on the energy and innovation of a community’s quest, from the kitchen table to the globe.


As summer is now upon us, the Brooks RCMP would like to invite all youth and parents to a bicycle safety rodeo to be held at Willowbrook Estates in Brooks. The event will be held in the North parking lot with access from Garrow Avenue on June 25th at 1 p.m.

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