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S.E. Alta. Junior Achievement is busy teaching financial literacy tips to rural students

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Going through tough economic times in Alberta means everybody should be sound fiscal managers and understand everything going on in the financial world.

It’s always a plus to learn at a younger age and with that in mind, Junior Achievement’s Medicine Hat Region brought the Dollars with Sense,  Economics for Success and Business Based programs to schools in Medicine Hat. One such program was the Our Business World program at St. Thomas School in Medicine Hat from Nov. 3-24.
Junior Achievement officials are also bringing the programs to the rural areas including Redcliff and Ralston.
Laura Sterling, regional co-ordinator, Medicine Hat and Area Junior Achievement says throughout the 10-month school year Junior Achievement programs are made available to all schools across Canada.
Sterling explains their programs provide students an opportunity to begin thinking about their current  personal finances and planning their financial futures.
“Aligning some of our program deliveries in this area with Financial Literacy Awareness Month was a great opportunity to create further awareness  of financial literacy to our youth,” explains Sterling. “In this region (i.e. Medicine Hat/Brooks and area), our programs are available to any school that wishes to participate. We have fantastic support from many of the schools in  the Prairie Rose School district. We go to the rural schools because they understand the importance of teaching financial literacy to their students and want to share these great programs with their  students.”
Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta is a non-profit organization providing programs to students in grades 5-12 to educate and enhance their skills in business, financial literacy, work-force readiness, and entrepreneurship.
Most financial institutions in Canada have some sort of involvement  with Junior Achievement going back as far as JA Canada’s beginnings 58 years ago, either as financial contributors, by providing  volunteers or both Sterling explains, adding it’s not difficult to get partners involved because they recognize the importance of providing financial literacy  education to students at a young age. 
“Our programs teach important  life skills that aren’t taught much in school and these students will one day become their future customers. With their support these organizations and other local businesses in this area are helping us  educate the future work force,” says Sterling. “The curriculum for our programs was written and provided by JA Canada our National office. Our programs include a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning which engages students and ensures they retain and use what they learn. Students who participate in JA programs gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life. Our programs prepare them to innovate, take on leadership roles and  go after their dreams. We accomplish this by partnering with teachers and dedicated volunteers who bring the ‘real world’ into the  classroom. Our programs are based on three pillars: financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness.”
Junior Achievement’s Regional Partners include Servus Credit Union, HSBC and Canadian Western Bank.
This isn’t the only Junior Achievement program which will benefit southeast Alberta.
Sterling says in the Medicine Hat/ Brooks and area region this school year alone, they are projecting to deliver 75 in-school programs which will reach more than 2,000 students and engage 80-100 business volunteers. 
“We are also holding the third annual World of Choices event — which is a program  that gives students in grades 10 to 12 an opportunity to meet with career mentors one on one and learn about different career options that are available to them in the future,” says Sterling. “Students leave this half-day event a little wiser and excited about what the future work world  holds for them. One hundred and fifty students will take part in this program, as well as 40 career  mentors from varying career sectors.”
Anyone wanting to contact Sterling about Junior Achievement programs can do so by phoning 403-581-8594 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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