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Regional alliance launches new website promoting its members

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By Susan Quinlan
Southwest Alberta
The Alberta Southwest Regional Economic Development Alliance (AlbertaSW) has officially launched its new website, creating a central hub for information of interest to everyone from tourists to investors and beyond.

“We are very excited about our newly-redesigned website and how it will serve our communities and more effectively promote the region ... Developing effective web solutions to support the economic development of a region requires a comprehensive understanding of businesses, communities, economy and opportunities,” said Bev Thornton, executive director AlbertaSW.

Given today’s economy, the need for an even more rigorous web presence prompted AlbertaSW to examine how its existing website could be more effective, so an analysis was conducted in 2008/09 to provide perspective on what the member communities needed and wanted the website to do, said Thornton.

Working with Twist Marketing (Calgary), who guided content development and design of the site, AlbertaSW implemented the recommendations gathered and the new website came to be.

“We are having fun with a really energetic promotional campaign that began in late June, so we encourage people to become involved.”

The entire campaign is designed to increase awareness of the website and the region, said Thornton, with a video contest as its central feature earning the winner a $1,000 cash prize. In addition, that prize will be augmented with “Explore the Region” prizes added each week of the campaign.

“To date, our local businesses have added another $1,500 worth of goods and services, and more are being added each week.”

Alberta SW has created display ads in community and visitor guides in the region. Also look for ads in local newspapers, as well as posters and postcards promoting the contest in each community, and sound bites on both television and radio.

A video crew will be in all communities in the upcoming weeks to also do ‘man on the street’ interviews, interviewing key people and featuring the special places in the region, said Thornton.

AlbertaSW is a regional economic development alliance of 16 communities governed by a board of directors consisting of mayors/reeves or another elected official from each member community.

The group works together for regional economic development utilizing collaborative initiatives focussed on creating the right environment for balanced growth increasing prosperity of all members, said Thornton.

Key areas of growth and opportunity identified by the group include development of tourism and geo-tourism, agriculture and value-added agriculture, and energy and alternative energy.

For more information about the AlbertaSW website launch video contest, visit:

For information about the region and its communities, please visit: http://www.alberta for community profiles, a regional business directory, photo gallery, video gallery and more.

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