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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:13

New roundabout near Pincher Creek improves safety

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Pincher Creek
A modern roundabout that improves safety and traffic flow, and supports economic growth will replace the stop-signed intersection of Highway 6, Highway 507 and Hewetson Avenue in Pincher Creek.

“Transportation is the backbone of our economy and investing in our provincial highway network supports thousands of jobs today and lays the foundation for economic growth,” said Luke Ouellette, Minister of Transportation. “This is about supporting our communities and improving safety and traffic flow in this area.”

Construction begins in July on the $1.8-million roundabout and it will open to traffic by September, weather permitting.

Roundabouts bring many benefits. There are fewer conflict points, lower collision potential, and lower collision severity compared with traditional intersections. Vehicles travel at lower speeds and in the same direction, which also improves safety. Traffic moves more efficiently than a four-way stop or signalized intersection. Vehicles need not always stop at the intersection as they would at a stop sign, reducing traffic congestion, noise, fuel consumption and emissions. The new roundabout safely accommodates pedestrians because the sight lines are better for both pedestrians and motorists and pedestrians only cross one direction of traffic at a time.

“The roundabout is an innovative solution to improve this intersection,” said Evan Berger, MLA for Livingstone-Macleod. “The new roundabout will move traffic safely and efficiently.”

Approximately 4,000 vehicles per day use Highway 6 in the area and the new roundabout will accommodate projected traffic for several decades.

Visit for more information on roundabouts. An information brochure for the Highway 6 roundabout is available in the Pincher Creek town office.

The Alberta government is working to build a better Alberta by fostering economic growth, strengthening our health and education systems, investing in infrastructure, supporting safe and strong communities and ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

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