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Thursday, 02 June 2011 12:00

Slight property tax increase reflects good town management

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By Susan Quinlan
The property tax news for 2011 will likely please most Vauxhall residents, as they’ll shoulder an increase that puts them in the company of other municipalities having only a slight increase.

“We’re maintaining our taxes at about 2.5 per cent above last year’s,” said Mayor Gordon Brown. It’s due to good administration, added Brown, “able to keep a finger on the button.”

Brown said the low increase is due to the construction of about a dozen new homes.

“There’s also frontage tax and that adds up.”

Although some residents have pointed out towns such as Nobleford have reduced their taxes by 30 or 40 per cent over the last couple of years, Brown pointed out that such places have utility rates 100 per cent higher than Vauxhall’s.

As well, places such as Nobleford

have had the lucky stroke of a big manufacturer moving into town.

“We’re in the midst of looking over plans with a developer to build 40 to

50 homes over the next five years.”

Brown added the town is continuing to grow with the influx of Mennonites, now representing half the population of Vauxhall.

“They’re a welcome addition to our community. They take care of their property; show pride of ownership.”

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