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PRSD board looking for school input into planning

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Officials with Prairie Rose School Division are changing the way they do their planning. It means more input from school administration and a better understanding of the system for trustees.

Superintendent Doug Nicholls shared what the new planning process will look like at the March 12 regular meeting.
Starting the end of April, Prairie Rose school administrators will present what the work happening at their schools looks like for the next one to three years, he explained.
“You’d see every public school, but not the colonies, here.”
The presentations from each school will include and overview of the mission and vision of the school, current program offerings, current teaching and support staff allocations and three or four highlights of what school administration feels it is doing well.
“We want to get an idea of what they are really proud about and (give them an opportunity to) champion their successes,” said Nicholls.
School administration would also talk about their strategies for aligning with Alberta Education’s current three main goals. Some of the areas that could be discussed include Hour Zero, safe and caring schools, inclusion, technology integration, fine arts, and high-aptitude learners.
Division officials will also want to hear about the school’s budget and how it looks for the current school year.
“The whole idea is to get as much as possible in place before the end of June so when September 1st comes they know the blueprint and we proceed,” said Nicholls.
“Solid planning is key to any school system and any school site. We can improve our planning by involving the schools this time of year.”
Trustee Kathy Cooper said the process looks good and she wishes the division would have done this earlier.
“This is important for the schools and very important for the people in this room,” pointed out Nicholls. “You’re going to learn more about each school.”
Trustee Georgine Westgard wondered if this is going to be considerably more work for the school officials.
Nicholls said some administrators will be comfortable with it while for other principals it will be a learning process.
“To me, it’s just effective planning.”
Justin Nicoll, current division principal and principal of Burdett School, pointed out most of the information to be presented has likely already been discussed with the school’s staff.
“As a principal, it gives me the opportunity to bring staff into the school plan,” adding it makes the plan more of a “living document.”
“What I like, as a principal, even though it is a little bit of work, the staff get to brag about the school a little bit and it will help school morale.”

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