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Small pay increase for Prairie Rose School Division board trustees

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Prairie Rose School Division Board trustees approved themselves a one per cent raise effective  Jan. 1. Every year the Trustee Honorarium and Expense Reimbursement Policy is amended and upon approval by trustees, increases in honorariums are given based on the increase in the grant funding to schools from Alberta Education.

This year, that increase was one per cent.
The increase was approved at the Feb. 5 regular meeting.
Trustee Georgine Westgard said while it can be awkward to have trustees vote themselves a raise, it is also the board’s policy to revisit remuneration.
“We try to keep it at a basic level with the other boards across the province. This is part of our policy and we should approve it,” she said.
Raising honorarium rates on a regular basis also helps attract individuals to trustee positions.
Trustees will be paid an honorarium of $509 per month, an increase of $6. The chairman will earn $575 per month, up from $570 and the vice-chair will receive $542, as compared to $537 in 2012.
General expenses also increase, so the total per month for trustees including expenses will be $763, up from $755; for the chairman $863 up from $855; and for the vice-chair $813 up from $805.
For meetings the rate for a four-hour block of time has also increased. Trustees will earn $1 more with a new rate of $88 per four-hour block.
The time spent travelling to and from meetings and other school or division events will also increase to $22.22 per hour, an increase of 22 cents.
Each day a trustee travels or attends a meeting or event outside the jurisdiction, he or she will receive $2 more. The rate is now $183 per day broken down into a $122 honorarium and $61 general expense allowance.
When participating in conference calls trustees will receive $23.23 per hour, an increase of 23 cents.
Mileage paid to trustees will remain the same. When using their personal vehicles for board business, trustees will be paid $0.50 per kilometre.
Trustee Arnold Frank moved approval of the increases and the board trustees voted in favour, with the exception of Trustee Graeme Dennis who was not at the meeting.

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