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NEB to hold hearing for Maple Creek Pipeline abandonment

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(CNW) The National Energy Board (NEB) will hold a written public hearing to consider an application by Enerplus Corporation (Enerplus) to abandon the 2.53 kilometre long Maple Creek Pipeline (the pipeline) which crosses the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.

The pipeline was constructed in 2005 and is located approximately 48 km east/southeast of Medicine Hat and approximately 3 km east/northeast of Walsh, Alberta on the Saskatchewan border.
The 114.30-millimetre outside-diameter pipeline carries sweet gas from Alberta wells to facilities in Maple Creek Field in Saskatchewan. The wells associated with this pipeline are provincially licensed. In their application, Enerplus has indicated that these wells will be abandoned, and as a result, continued operation of the Maple Creek Pipeline is no longer required.
Among the issues the Board will consider are public consultation, measures taken and proposed to abandon the facilities, and potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the abandonment.
Members of the public can participate in the hearing in one of two ways:
i.     by seeking Intervenor status or
ii.     by filing a Letter of Comment.
Any person wishing to intervene in the hearing or file a Letter of Comment must file the required documents with the Board and serve a copy on Enerplus Corporation by August 29, 2012. The Board will then issue the List of Parties and List of Issues.
Government authorities may participate in this hearing in any of the above ways or by filing a declaration of participation as a Government Participant by August 29, 2012.
Online forms for the two methods of participation are available on the NEB website at In the right margin under Regulatory Documents, select Submit Documents, then click on Submit Documents Electronically and select the appropriate form.
For additional information about this hearing or the procedures governing the hearing, please contact Sharon Wong, Regulatory Officer, at 403-299-3191 in Calgary or call the Board's toll-free number at 1-800-899-1265 and specify that the call is about the Enerplus Maple Creek Pipeline Abandonment hearing.
The NEB is an independent federal regulator of several parts of Canada's energy industry. Its purpose is to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade in the Canadian public interest.
Please visit the NEB Web site for general information about the hearing process and how you can participate effectively. To access the information, go to, select Hearing and Information Session, and then click on Participate in a Public Hearing.

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