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Tear-inducing generosity shown at Newell 4-H sheep show

Written by  Courtney Smith
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Grand Champion Market Lamb was won by Cayley Peltzer.  An intermediate member from Tilley, her lamb weighed 100 pounds and sold for $950 to Head Hunters Hair Salon(Janice Osadczuk) from Brooks. She with judge Glen Parker of Parker Stock Farms. Grand Champion Market Lamb was won by Cayley Peltzer. An intermediate member from Tilley, her lamb weighed 100 pounds and sold for $950 to Head Hunters Hair Salon(Janice Osadczuk) from Brooks. She with judge Glen Parker of Parker Stock Farms.

The little things are often the biggest things in life. To show a friend, family member, or even a stranger that he or she is cared about and thought of can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

On June 23 at the Newell District Sheep Sale at the Silver Sage arena just outside of Brooks, a community of friends, families, and strangers worked together to show somebody that they cared. Something that started out as a small idea, turned into a huge fundraiser involving people who wanted to make a difference.
Lambs were selling such as an ordinary sheep sale goes, until Jaxson Peltzer’s sheep came along. This sheep proved to be the most prized animal in the sale, as it was bought and resold ten times by various companies and people.     
The unique aspect of the sale was that all proceeds were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in honour of Jaxson’s father, Robert, who was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time. A total of 12 companies donated including Calgary Stock Yards, Ben Payne, Highway 21 Feeders, Calgary Stock Yard Buyers, Celtic Pride, Cole Webb, Coal Creek Ranching, K Cattle Co., Alberta Prairie Meats, Niznik Ranch, Blake and Crystal Mulvey, and Kokay Farms. The total amount raised came to a grand total of $9,550.
Ben Payne, a man who works with Robert at the Calgary Stock Yards, devised a plan to buy and resell the lamb, donating all the proceeds to the Cancer Society; however, Ben only planned for the resell to occur approximately five times. As the community became involved, more and more people wanted to join in this worthy cause creating an emotional day for all spectators.
“It was very emotional,” describes Nikki Peltzer, Robert’s wife. “We didn’t know about it. Everybody else, as far as some of the parents, knew that it was going to happen. It was kind of overwhelming. You don’t ask your friends to do that and when it happens, it’s a big shock.”
According to the Canadian Cancer Society website, on average, 500 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every day, and 200 Canadians will die of cancer every day.
With these shocking statistics, the participants of the sheep sale definitely had their heart in the right place that Saturday.
Robert Peltzer is more than aware of the statistics, being diagnosed with cancer twice in his lifetime.
June 23 was a special day in his life, proving to him that community support is stronger than any form of medication.
“I’m supposed to be the big tough guy, and I got pretty emotional,” explains Robert. “Ben Payne was the one that organized it and spearheaded it. They had about five people lined up to buy it and resell it, then four or five other people just spur of the moment decided to help.”
Robert and his family were not the only people affected deeply by this inspiring event.
Anke Hermus was inspired enough that she wrote a letter to the editor, acknowledging the immense selflessness of this community in its desire to help a worthy cause. Her mother has also been recently diagnosed with cancer.
“It was really intense,” notes Hermus. “You could see that a lot of people were affected by cancer, and they really related to Robert. You could see it was a really intense moment and some people were tearing up.”
Hermus’ goal in the letter was to notify people about the amazing community that surrounds her, but also about the pressing issue of cancer that needs to be spoken about and needs to be resolved.
“It was really important for me to show that it’s appreciated,” says Hermus.
“Things like this don’t go unnoticed. I want people to know about something as important as this, and how a group of people can stand up for something they believe in.”
The community of Brooks, those within the county of Newell, the 4-H community, and the rest of the participants at the Newell sheep sale set an excellent example of how community support can make a huge difference in not one person’s life, but in everyone’s life. Robert Peltzer’s motivation, strength, and tenacity will touch the lives of many people.
“Robert is a really great person,” ends Hermus. “He does so much. Even now with cancer, he was at the sheep show helping out. You could barely tell — he just puts it aside. He doesn’t slow down for his kids; he stays strong for everyone around him.”

Results of the annual Newell District 4-H Sheep Show

Following are the 2012 Newell District 4H Sheep Show Results which were held at the Silver Sage Corral June 23.
Weight Price (pounds)
• Cayley Peltzer: Grand Champion Market Lamb: 100 lbs, sold for $950.
Senior Grand Champ Showmanship and Grooming, 2nd Ewe lamb; Supreme Champion Female, 2nd Yearling ewe,Champion Mature Ewe, Champion Pen of 3, Senior Judging champion, Senior Digger Award.
• Kelsey Gubbins: Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: 109 lbs, $750.
Junior Res Club Champ Showmanship and Grooming, 3rd Yearling Ewe, Rate of Gain winner.
Tilley Club               
• Emma VanSteekelenburg: Club champion market lamb, SR club champion S&G;    
• Aaron Van Steekelenburg: Res Club champion, 3rd club S&G, Junior Judging Champion;       
• Delaney Tateson: 3rd in club, Jr club champion Showmanship & Grooming;   
• Samantha These: 4th in club, 2nd club S&G.   
South Slope               
• Ashley Hoffman: Res Club champion, Junior club champion Showmanship & Grooming, 5th Ewe lamb;
• Anna Marie Peters: 3rd in club, 3rd in club S&G;   
• Zane Kubik: 4th in club, Senior Reserve club Champion S&G, Senior Judging Champion, Champion Flock, 2nd Mature Ewe, Reserve Supreme Female, 4th Ewe lamb, Champion Yearling Ewe.       
• Ben Gubbins: 5th in club, Senior Res Club champion S&G.
Brooks and area       
• Jordan Peltzer: Res club champion, Reserve club champ S&G, Champion Ewe lamb, 5th Yearling ewe;
• Jaxson Peltzer: 3rd in club, 3rd in club S&G, 3rd in Ewe lamb, 4th Yearling Ewe, 3rd in Mature Ewe, 2nd Pen of three.
• Morgan Storch: Club champion, Reserve Champ Showmanship and Grooming.

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