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FCSS executive director driven to help others

Written by  By Andrea Carol
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Betty Benson Betty Benson Photo contributed

Oyen Family Community Support Services (FCSS) employs Executive Director and Community Support Worker, Betty Lynn-Benson, an advocate and promoter of a strong and healthy community.

“I’ve been the executive director at FCSS for a year and a half. It’s a small office but we are a very busy office. We offer many programs that any FCSS office around the province does. FCSS is a leader for preventative programs,” said Lynn-Benson. “I’ve been in the non-profit world for a long time. I guess I have a really soft spot for some of the most marginalized individuals in society and I really advocate for them and for change. I feel we can all do good if we are able to. If we cannot address simple things like poverty and mental health, then we aren’t going to have a healthy community. We need to engage all people from every walk of life to make them as healthy as they are able to be. We try to stay on top of the social issues surrounding our areas so we can have a healthy, vibrant, amazing community.”
The Youngstown native is best known for her passionate public speaking that informs, motivates, inspires, trains and teaches others. She loves the ‘Big Country’ and it has a special place in her heart.
“I grew up south of Youngstown in the Big Stone area. I married a good ‘ol boy from Acadia valley, Dell Benson. This whole area is pretty special to me because I have been such a part of this big country as we call it,” said Lynn-Benson.
In her public speaking engagements, Lynn-Benson shares incredible life stories that leave the listener with a message of hope. Her cornucopia of expertise includes working with victims of crime and their offenders. She has extensive training in healing/peace circles, victim/offender mediation and conflict resolution/alternative dispute resolution. Lynn-Benson holds her Bachelor of General Studies in Arts and Science majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology. Her colleagues speak highly of her and she is a sought-after public speaker.
“Betty is a founding member of eWomenNetwork Lethbridge. She embodies the true spirit of connecting with others, sharing her information, resources and experience with others so that they too can achieve their goals. Betty is a selfless leader and inspiration to all that know her,” said Colleen Herbst, Divorce Recovery Coach at Women’s Divorce Solutions.
The personal and fulfilling rewards in Lynn-Benson’s career are too many to number or describe. Her career has been personally satisfying and she feels good at the end of the day.
“Having a job like this, I think at the end of the day, if all things line up well, we go home feeling like we made a tiny difference in this world”, said Lynn-Benson.
Lynn-Benson’s philosophy can be summarized in a eight little words, ‘There for the grace of God go I.’
“I’m a Christian. At the end of the day, I want to make a difference. I believe we’ve all been given gifts and what we choose to do with those gifts is between us and our Creator. If we work towards making a positive difference in this world, then we are using that gift in a very meaningful way.”
Lynn-Benson takes time to refresh herself when she’s not busy making a difference in the world. Whether it’s walking her Yellow Lab and German Shepherd, going to a movie with her husband or puttering around in her yard, she is a lover of nature and sometimes retreats to it for a recharge. This soulful, inspiring philanthropist is truly making a difference in her world and we could all stand to learn a little bit from her.

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