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Fundraising efforts for Nanton’s new animal shelter continue to rise

Written by  Demi Knight
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Hoping to build a more functional facility for the town to help animals in need, the Nanton and District Animal Protection Society (NAPS) have been working on continued fundraising efforts since 2013.

With a recent grant from the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP), after four years of continued fundraising efforts, the new volunteer-run animal shelter is almost within reach.
“The shelter we operate out of now is a small space rented to us by Mountain Top Foods’ owner Kin Leong,” says Kim Williamson, NAPS Shelter Manager and Director.
“It was a generous offering of space from the get-go. However, over the years, the amount of animals the shelter takes in annually and the number of volunteers we require to run the day-to -day operations has increased.”
The current animal shelter within Nanton is lacking basic necessities to work effectively throughout all seasons of the year including that of running water, insulation, and space to home enough stray, feral, found and missing animals in need of shelter.
With a massive need for expanded facilities and a previous founding NAPS member and volunteer falling ill, in the year of 2013, the shelter made a hopeful commitment to begin fundraising efforts for the much needed new facility.
Hosting numerous activities from garage, hot dog and pie sales to concerts, Cupcake for Kitties and adoption events, NAPS have successfully seen thousands of dollars pour in to help keep the cause alive.
“Last year, NAPS launched a Go Fund Me campaign, which after fees associated with the website, has collected around $7,000,” added Williamson.
“We also received a checque from Chinook Financial Credit Union for $5,000 and of course this spring, we were awarded the Community Facility Enhancement Program grant from the Alberta government after our current Treasurer Carrie Gataiant insisted we apply for again after multiple previous denials.”
With their most recent donation of $108,098 coming this April from the CFEP, the new animal shelter seems to be so close to its goals that NAPS administration can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Now sitting at just over $180,000 in total funds raised over the past four years, the new facility is only $30,000 away from their official fundraising goal. There is hope to begin official construction later this year. Having a supportive community surrounding them, it seems that this much needed new shelter with more square footage and facilities to take care of the animals in the way they deserve is finally within reach.
“We have a lot of positive support from the community and even some local businesses and banks,” says Williamson.
“We feel most Nanton residents & surrounding communities recognize the importance of our cause, and support the reduction in stray, feral, homeless and unwanted animals in our town.”
With an end goal of $216,000, the building committee has worked tirelessly to make the most economically responsible choices for this non-profitable charitable organization to build the most cost-effective structure on a new piece of land.
Planning another fundraising event for late this May, NAPS administration members hope that with continued support from the public and community groups the final goal can be reached in and construction for the new shelter can finally begin later this summer.

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