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Friday, 02 March 2018 06:31

Nobleford celebrates its centennial with big news

Written by  Demi Knight
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Nobleford celebrates its centennial with big news Contributed

With the Village of Nobleford seeing its grand 100th anniversary on Feb. 28, residents, dignitaries and travellers alike came together to celebrate the town's centennial birthday with festivities for all.

From entertainment and activities, to the unveiling of the villages history book and presentations, the community-wide party spent the day paying homage to the roots, foundations and changing times of a village near and dear to southern Alberta’s heart.
“‘100 Years of Growing Together’ is the theme since Nobleford is turning 100 years old and we are celebrating,” says Nobleford Chief Administrative Officer, Kirk Hofman.
Derived from a group of settlers one-hundred years ago, the village of Nobleford saw its formation on Feb. 28, 1918 with a population of just one-hundred people, however, as the village grew so did it’s drive and heart. 
Built on leadership, faith, diligence and working as a collective community, Nobleford's current Chief Administrative Officer, Kirk Hofman says that the heritage of the village is definitely one to be proud of.
From population growth to new projects and infrastructures over the years the village has developed into a prominent and modern location within southern Alberta that offers something for all its residents to be proud of.
“100 years ago a group of 100 settlers gathered to incorporate Nobleford as a Municipality in Alberta. Those first citizens are the foundation of the healthy lifestyle displayed in our community that we share today,” says Hofman in a recent release.
“The Heritage of Nobleford is credited to those few families, and those  that followed, whom toiled for generations to build Nobleford.”
With copious amounts of village pride and generations of families with solid roots, many came out to attend the grand centennial celebration on Feb. 28.
However, turning one-hundred years old isn’t the only milestone that Nobleford has come across lately.
Since the area has seen considerable growth within the last fifteen years, doubling their population to now see in their centennial year 1350 residents, the village is now considering the idea of seeking town status.
“In a 2011 census, Nobleford’s population was 1000 people making it eligible for TOWN status. Since 2011,” said the village’s Mayor, Don McDowell and Kirk Hofman, Nobleford CAO,  in a statement earlier this month. “Encouragement over the past years, from Nobleford residents, to become a TOWN has been heard and now validated by past and present Council to make a request to the Province of Alberta to be recognized as a TOWN effective during our Centennial year in 2018.”
With the debate of the village’s change to TOWN status being a serious topic for the past few years, McDowell and Hofman went on to say that the community’s approach to making this concrete decision has been one of cautious optimism.
Since, evidence shows many town and villages have seen a population decline in the last ten years, officials want to be certain of Nobleford's booming growth before taking the leap.
However, with the last decade seeing stable growth, twenty new industrial business developments, and spurring almost three hundred new jobs, the talk among the village now leads Nobleford in the direction of Town status within the upcoming year.
“One of the biggest changes we’ll see if we gain town status is a name change,” said McDowell and Hofman in their statement. “Most grants are based mainly on population and being named a TOWN will make little difference in general grants. There are potentially some grants, and other opportunities that Villages may not be eligible for that Towns may be.”
(Editor's note: On Feb. 21 with the Orders in Council, the orders approved include Order 28/2018: "MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT ACT (sections 96 and 98) - Changes the status of the Village of Nobleford from a village to a town, and changes the name of the Village of Nobleford to the “Town of Nobleford.”)
However with some residents still on the fence on whether converting into a town will disturb the heritage and unique essence that the village currently possesses, this upcoming year will offer everyone within the community the opportunity to have their voices heard at public meetings and hearings as the process moves forward as well as constant updates on the villages website throughout the upcoming year.

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