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New Brigden School seeing growth in numbers

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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New Brigden School is in the midst of a transition as it adjusts to being a Kindergarten to Grade 4 school after low enrollment numbers almost forced its closure a year ago.

Principal Gayle Vass provided Prairie Rose School board trustees with a progress report at their Feb. 13 meeting, including projected enrollment figures for the next five years.
"We are a school in transition. We've been given a unique opportunity to build from the ground up," said Vass.
A future number chart shows adding Grades 5 and 6 in next two years and having enrollment increase each year to the 2022-23 when 25 students are expected in Grades 1-6 and five in the ECS program. Currently the school has 10 students in Grades 1-4 and seven in ECS.
"Our demographics are changing and we have an increase of young families moving into our school boundary," she said.
As the school transitions, high academic standards are a priority, as are building solid relationships with the students, and including parents and the community in decision-making.
A main focus this year is on early literacy and encouraging reading.
"We want to help them prepare for success and the students have opportunities to read every day," said Vass, adding that the students also have many opportunities for writing. "We have a lot of fun with literacy."

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