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‘Never Ever Days’ slide into the Crowsnest Pass

Written by  Demi Knight
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‘Never Ever Days’ slide into the Crowsnest Pass Contributed

The Pass Powderkeg Ski Society is sliding into February with an event everyone can get involved with to enjoy the long winter months.

In hopes to elevate their attendance during the open season, create an easy opportunity for beginners to get involved with a favourite Canadian pastime and join the national movement hosted by the Canadian Ski Council, the Pass Ski Society in Crowsnest Pass are hosting their Never Ever Days this Feb. 24-25.
“When people think about skiing and snowboarding there are significant barriers into entry that stand in the way. You have to figure out equipment, how to dress and how much it will cost,” says Joey O’Brien, Manager of Community Services, on why the Pass Powderkeg Ski Society decided to join the movement this year.
“So, when you have a marketing plan like Never Ever Days that’s a national promotion it helps reduce some of the barriers to entry and allows people to get the full experience of a day on the hill.”
Never Ever Days, which are part of a national movement across Canada hosted by the Canadian Ski Council, dedicate several days out of the year to first-time or novice skiers to create an all-inclusive experience to get them on the hill, enjoying the crisp mountain air and making tracks down the snow as they experience the thrill of winter sports. From skiing to snowboarding, these days offer a package to participants that allows them rental equipment, a lift ticket and a lesson in their sport of choosing, for a grand total of $25.
With over eighty ski areas across the country taking part in offering these full-day experiences to everyone eager to learn, the Crowsnest Pass is just one location in southern Alberta that’s excited to offer their services and put their ski hill on the map as a community location perfect for all skill levels, as well as create an experience that makes individuals want to come back for more later in the year.
“What’s really interesting is that only 18.2% of people who try skiing for the first time stay with it. The industry is rife with people who think it saves money by getting family or friends to teach them rather than a professional,” says O’Brien. “However, through days like the Never Ever Days when people learn with a professional there’s a 70% success rate of coming back.”
O’Brien notes this initative is a big asset not only to the hills themselves, for return skiers, but also for participants wanting to take a serious try at the sport.
Officially opened in 1938, the Pass Powderkeg Ski Society has been a staple skiing spot in southwest Alberta for families and experienced skiers alike to visit in the harmoniously beautiful Rocky Mountains, and has over the years earned a name as an unspoiled and uncrowded location to serve winter sports enthusiasts needs.
However, the location hasn’t been without it’s troubles over the years, and new to his position in the last year, manager of community services of Crowsnest Pass, O’Brien says that it’s been a long time coming for this beautiful resort to get the attention and attendance it truly deserves, and by hosting events such as Never Ever Days, its audience is finally coming back around to experience the area.
“In order for a resort like to this be sustainable, you need 5,000 people coming each season. However, last year we had less than 1,000 — when I did the analysis,” says O’Brien.
“But so far, this year, we’ve actually already doubled last year’s total traffic and programs like never ever days help us accomplish this.”
With their season running from Nov. 10, 2017 until the end of March, the Pass Powderkeg Ski Society is open Wednesday through Friday each week from noon until 8 p.m. and from 10 a.m. -8 p.m. on weekends, with their event running at the end of February for all those still wanting to sign up for the experience.
 Never Ever Days, which are held in tens of locations across the country throughout the 2017-218 season, will also be seen at Castle Mountain resort on Feb. 25, however spaces are limited in both areas.
For more information on the Never Ever Days, as well as information on how to sign up, visit website at: https://www.skicanada.org/ shop/pass-powderkeg/

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