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Alberta Ecotrust brings together environmental enthusiasts

Written by  Demi Knight
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Alberta Ecotrust is bringing back their annual environmental gathering for the third year this March to start the conversation on creating a better future for our province.

From March 8-10 in Calgary, Ecotrust is inviting representatives from industry and government professionals, workers in the environmental sector and interested members of the public to join the conservation and attend the weekend dedicated to building a prosperous and sustainable future.
“With this year’s event, when we started to think of the theme of creating the future, we wanted to think of ways that could spur innovative ideas, inform participants on issues and share with others the design and evaluation process for the work they’re currently doing and will be doing into the future,” says Pat Letizia, Executive Director of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation of this year’s theme.
With a belief that there is a current need for a fundamental shift in the way Alberta’s citizens and organizations think about environmental issues and solutions, this three-day event will bring together hundreds of environment enthusiasts to engage in a slew of activities.
From networking and presentations to workshops including an Environmental Solutions Forum where participants will take the ideas cultivated throughout their time at the event and re-imagine solutions to current situations while working with others in attendance; the event in full offers an opportunity for all those present to learn and grow in a sector so pivotal to our planets well-being
The gathering will also see keynote speakers in attendance including Dr. Alex Burton, President at the Innographer, a practical open education and innovation design firm, as well as Leroy Little Bear, a veteran educator from the Innii Initiative.
“There are also organizations from across the province in attendance that have some little more resources such as the Oldman Watershed council and SouthEast Alberta Watershed Council, that have consistent funding and are working on multiple issues across their organization who always bring with them their expertise,” added Letizia of some of those that will be in attendance.
However, it isn’t just industry professionals and government officials that look at attending this three-day event, but also post-secondary education students within environmental programs as well as interested members of the public dedicated to making a better future and hearing the ideas the gathering has to offer of providing new solutions to existing and upcoming problems.
“When looking at creating future we need to look pragmatically at the tools we need to do that. We want to guide people through creating learning framework through applied learning in a way that’s organic and feels exciting.”
With three days of education, innovation and hands-on activities, this year’s event is also dedicated to the art of bringing together those involved with environment conservation from across the province to build relationships with one and other and create alliances to be better capable of achieving success.
 As well, the event offers a platform to build bridges from one sector to another to create hope for new ideas, tools and skills to evolve as the new problems arise in relation to the environment that is so detrimental to our way of life.
“Regardless of what you do for a living or where you work — the environment is so important, and sometimes we take it for granted,” says Letizia.
“There’s very few opportunities for people in this sector to have this solution space and this opening with the gathering to focus in on the environment and look for windows of opportunity where issues can be addressed is very important.”
All those wanting to sign up and buy tickets for the gathering can do so by visiting the Alberta Ecotrust website at more information on this years annual gathering, accommodations and complete line-up can also be found.

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