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Cypress County resident makes use of discarded fridges

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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Most, if not all, municipal leaders would be pleased if they could find somebody with an ingenious idea that could lessen the amount of waste at their landfills.

Bill Dearborn, who has a knack for finding ingenious ways of refurbishing, reusing, and recycling discarded material, has found a unique way of making use of unwanted refrigerators, which if are at the landfill, have already had the freon removed.
A number of years ago, Dearborn would take the fridges, remove the compressor and use them for storage units and tool chests at his Redcliff shop.
"I saw so many refrigerators at the landfill, I wanted to find a use for them," said Dearborn.
He has since found another use for the appliances...heated cat houses.
With freon and the compressor removed — Dearborn said the compressors from the fridges can be used for filling balloons —he starts by cutting a circular hole near the bottom of the fridge to be used as an entryway for the cat.
With all but one shelf removed, a watering hole is constructed on the top level, with a tray on the lower level for food.
"Horizontally, there's not enough room for water, but standing up works very well and after the freon and compressor are removed, the fridges are very light," he said.
He uses wood gathered from old pallets and remnants tossed away to construct housing for the water receptacle and attaches an inverted five-gallon water bottle and flows into a drinking tray.
Heating of the cathouses is also included and vital, especially with the recent cold weather.
"A string of Christmas lights is enough to heat the interior and it's important to use a proper power bar for plugging it in," he said.
"This is so simple and it's keeping these fridges out of our landfills.”
Dearborn has nine feline living quarters in six locations at his farm which near Kindersley.
"We started with three kittens six years ago and now have 40 cats," said Dearborn. "Like humans, they don't always get along and need separate accommodations."
Dearborn can also boasts that he does not have a gopher, mouse, or rat problem at his farm.

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