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PRSD maintenance dept. pushing forward with projects

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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Roofing projects were the high-cost projects for the Prairie Rose School Division maintenance department in the department's last budget, but Drefs indicated that those projects are near completion, with just Seven Persons School needing to be finished.

"The big tickets were roofing projects," Darrell Drefs, director of maintenance operations for Prairie Rose School Division said during his building operations accountability report to trustees at their Jan. 9 meeting. "That's partly why ran a larger deficit than what we budgeted for. We also didn't get all of the funding that was allocated and the Contracted Service (gym re-finishing contract) was higher."
The actual total operations and maintenance revenue came in slighter lower than indicated in the revised budget; at $6,627,876 compared to $6,654,009 while total expenses came in significantly higher, at $7060,506, a difference of ($432,630).
PRSD received $1,137,225 in IMR (Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal) funding and carried forward $1.6M in additional IMR allocations and $1.389M was spent on IMR projects.
During the 2016-17 school year, the maintenance department submitted 2,615 work orders.
2016-17 IMR projects at Prairie Rose included a large section of roofing at Foremost School being replaced at a cost of $470,000. Also, an old boiler was replaced with two smaller, energy-efficient boilers, costing $89,000.
Sections of roofing were replaced at South Central, costing $229,000.
Low flush toilets were installed in the washrooms at Irvine School costing $10,000 and a gender-neutral washroom was created at IF Cox School in Redcliff and corroded sewer pipe replaced at a cost of $173,000.
"All the piping was corroded and this needed to be done," said Drefs.
They also did smaller items, such as installing backflow preventers and expanding the EBHS parking lot, adding 54 new parking spaces.
This year's IMR funding amounts to $1,285,149 and is being used to replace aging building components with energy-efficient replacements.
"The big tickets for this year are roof at Seven Persons and the bathroom at Seven Persons," said Drefs.
The main washrooms at Seven Persons need repairs to sewer pipes that have deteriorated. The upgrade is expected to cost $175,000.
Other 2017-18 IMR projects include:
-More flooring upgrades;
-Fume hoods for science labs at Foremost and South Central- $60,000;
-Replacing tow air handling units at Margaret Wooding School - $100,000;
-Replacing six boilers at Parkside School that have been source of constant repairs and have reached their expected life cycle. At the same time, they will be upgrading the heating pumps and expansion tank -$75,000;
-Replacing the exterior windows at EBHS and upgrading to all windows to meet current efficiency standards has been prioritized and is costing $140,000.
Capital projects:
The Eagle Butte High School modernization project is moving along at a slow pace, slowed down by a rebuild of a septic field being included.
"It's moving kind of slow, but it is moving," said Drefs.
The septic field rebuild, was initially included in the modernization project, but when pre-tender estimates came in at $1-million, it was removed from the project.
"The septic field will now be done outside of the project," he said.
In Schuler, students have been learning in their new school since September, but there is still a bit more work to be done before the project is officially complete, according to Drefs.
"They have a really nice facility there now. We spent considerable time last summer salvaging what we could out of the old school, and just have a bit more work to do in the parking lot," said Drefs, adding that lights and plug-ins will be installed, then the parking lot will be graded and finished off.

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