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Building the path for success in robotics at Foremost School

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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Jay Diemert at recent PRSD meeting. Jay Diemert at recent PRSD meeting.

It's an exciting time to be at Foremost School these days, as principal Simon Moreton leads the school in new directions, he and vice-principal Jay Diemert told Prairie Rose School Division trustees at their Jan. 9 meeting.

Moreton, who took over the helm from Paul Leighton in September, is moving the school forward with math, science, and robotics initiatives, a direction he says will enable Foremost students to compete provincially and nationally.
Robotics in farming is one area Moreton wants to pursue and the school received a $3,940-Choose Well grant for the initiative.
Moreton has also been working on determining what is needed in the school's science and biology labs so the students can learn and be competitive with other larger schools.
One of the items needed for the lab is a fume hood, which maintenance supervisor Darrell Drefs said is in the works for Foremost.
Foremost has also implemented a cross-grading initiative for its Grades 7-12 English classes, an initiative that focuses on feedback rather than marks and ensures a fair grading system throughout the region.
"Cross-grading is actually an international initiative and we are doing it throughout the division," said Moreton. "It is to make sure all in the different schools are grading the same  and it means that the assignments student gets back will have an unbiased mark."
Diemert updated trustees on various programs and events at Foremost School, including sports, Options classes, and annual events. Diemert was instrumental in re-establishing the school's baseball program several years ago, after 35 years without one. Foremost students have been successful in many sports tournaments and challenges, as indicated by the many banners that hang in the gymnasium, but sports participation at the school is about more than bringing home the banner from a tournament, said Diemert, who has been teaching in Foremost for 21 years.
"We have an extensive sports program that starts when the kids are young," said Diemert. "There are lots of banners in the gym, but kids will tell you, it’s about the experience they have and the friends they make."
Diemert also noted the school's Industrial Arts program, Foods lab, and Options classes such as Social Games, Wildlife Studies, and Drama/Art.
He highlighted the Foremost School Learning Centre and the annual Terry Fox Run, where the school has been known to raise more money than Lethbridge.
"The Terry Fox Run has been a big event in Foremost since the 1980s and we have raised more than Lethbridge. We were even recognized by the Terry Fox Foundation and Darrell Fox paid a visit to our school," he said.
A big reason for the school's success is the community atmosphere.
"We are stronger when we are together," said Diemert. "All the kids know each other and interact well. It is a real community."

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