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Nanton helps feed those in need this Christmas

Written by  Demi Knight
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Bells were ringing, and bands were singing this December at Nanton’s annual community Christmas Concert.


In hopes to help feed those in need this winter season, the annual concert brought festive music and Christmas cheer to everyone’s ears on Dec. 13 to help raise donations and funds for the Nanton Ministerial Food Bank.
Since 1996, this concert has been a town staple and helps kick off the season of giving and festivities with local talent and travelling musicians alike. However, since last year was the first to go without this joyous event, Pam Woodall, organizer of the concert, said the excitement of bringing it back this year was important.
“The concert went really well this year; we didn’t have one last year and that was the first time in over twenty years that we missed it — so you could tell people were really excited to have it back.”
“It’s just a really lovely event,” added Woodall. “It just makes it feel like Christmas time. In fact, we have so many people coming out saying it doesn’t feel like the holiday has started until they attend this concert.”
With the concert taking place Dec. 13 at the Community Memorial Centre, a slate of over a dozen local, ex-local and professional musicians gathered on the wintery night to play Christmas songs and a variety of music for the town’s delight.
With featured artists including Jeff Enfield, Charlie Ewing and daughter Lonni Robley, as well as Jackie and Bill Shaw and many more, the night was one to remember.
However, besides the festive music, Christmas atmosphere and a night of holiday happiness was the true reason that this concert is held each year, to raise money for the local food bank and help feed the need this cold winter season.
With the bands and musical acts donating their time, and a $10 entrance fee for individuals and a $15 family ticket, the audience in attendance paid their way for the cause. As well, many (optionally) chose to bring along with them, non-perishable food items to help stock the food bank’s shelves at one of the busiest times of the year.
“This year, we were able to raise just about $3,000,” said Woodall of this year's turnout. “We also collected a lot of bags of food for the food bank from over 150 people that were in attendance at the concert.”
With over twenty years of tradition, this Christmas concert which provides a night of fun and entertainment for all ages, was happy to be back this year and help spread Christmas cheer to all those in need across Nanton.
“It’s the variety of different types of music, from many local performers to professionals who travel the country and graciously come here to perform for free, and we have everything from kids participating to adults and it’s so much fun and for a great cause,” explained Woodall of her enjoyment and satisfaction of being involved with an event that raises money for such a worthy local charity.
The Nanton Ministerial Food Bank, was also asking for help from the community earlier in the month to have more volunteers over the Christmas season.
With this ‘call to action’, the food bank’s administrators were hoping to have more help with sorting and shelving food as well as filling and delivering hampers and picking up donations.
Now, with copious food donations and $3,000 raised for their charity, the food bank staff is ecstatic with the turnout of this year’s concert and the continued local support from events like this one that focus on helping a constant problem within society.
However, it’s not just the Christmas season that the food bank could use volunteers but throughout the whole year, as demand never stops and providing food to those in need never becomes less important.
 With flexible hours, and school credit offered for certain projects throughout the year, the food bank is happy to welcome new and returning volunteers — young and old — and donations not just during the Christmas season but all year round.

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