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Southern Albertan earns prestigious 2018 Rhodes Scholarship

Written by  Demi Knight
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Southern Albertan earns prestigious 2018 Rhodes Scholarship Contributed

A young southern Albertan is among the most recent recipients of one of Canada’s most prestigious scholarships.

Iain Sander, from the Holy Spirit School Division, is a southern Albertan treasure that was recently named one of Canada’s eleven, 2018 Rhodes Scholars.
A previous French immersion Catholic Central High School student and graduate from Queen’s University with first class honours in Chemical Engineering, Sanders has already achieved many great feats within his life, and now he’s adding another outstanding honour to the list.
However, Iain himself isn’t the only one who was extremely pleased to be rewarded one of the worlds most respected scholarships for post-graduate studies at Oxford University.
“We are very excited and thankful,” says Iain’s mother, Daphne Sander.
“Through his volunteer work with people with intellectual and physical disabilities, Iain has developed both love and respect for the gifts and contributions they offer, such as unconditional love, trust, perseverance, and unrestrained joy.”
 Through this scholarship “he will be able to combine his education in both engineering and medicine to develop the skills to better serve this valuable group of individuals.”
Iain, whom has spent much of his life in education working and volunteering in both the medicine and engineering sectors, is a leader by nature and throughout the years has received many notable honours. Some of those include: serving as a delegate to the Minister of Education’s Student Advisory Council, being an ambassador for French for the Future, and being the first teenage member on a L’Arche Board of Directors in Canada.
Now, in his first year of medical studies at the University of Alberta, Iain is ready to further his education and continue working toward a better future not only for himself but for all those surrounding him.
In large part, Iain thanks the Holy Spirit School Division for putting him on the path that led him to all of his academic achievements thus far.
“I am immensely grateful for the high quality of education I received with Holy Spirit Catholic Schools. Through support and encouragement, the school community helped me develop a love of learning and challenged me to seek new opportunities for growth.”
With so many achievements under his belt, the Rhodes Scholarship is another outstanding honour that Iain has received and will go towards his status of becoming a ‘Future Leader of Tomorrow.’
The Rhodes Scholarship which is highly regarded within the academic world is the oldest scholarship program in existence.
 The scholarship itself, awards ninety-five outstanding students each year from sixty-four countries worldwide with the opportunity to study at Oxford University with full tuition, a maintenance stipend, and flights to and from Oxford at the beginning and end of each semester as well as opening the door to many extra-ordinary opportunities post-education.
“Iain is a model for what it means to be an exceptional Holy Spirit Catholic School graduate and we are blessed to have had him in our schools,” says Superintendent for the Holy Spirit School Division, Chris Smeaton.
“The fact that he is such a well-rounded and socially conscious individual is a credit to, not only himself, but also the amazing supports he has in his parents, family members, educators, and the community at large.”
Upon receiving this prestigious scholarship, Iain is planning to study Orthopedic Biomechanics at Oxford University to help improve the health, lives and independence of individuals of disabilities into the future.
With these tremendous goals in place, both Iain himself, his family and those surrounding him couldn’t be more supportive of the bright academic path Sander is set to travel upon in the upcoming years thanks to this amazing award.

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