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Prokop hopes to help Taber flourish

Written by  Demi Knight
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Since the October municipal elections, towns and cities across Alberta have been seeing some changes within the council, however the town of Taber is staying strong with their elected mayor Andrew Prokop.

After Prokop stood in as interim mayor thanks to a unanimous vote from his fellow councillors following the previous Mayor’s resignation in April of 2017, Prokop has stood strong with the town and following the October elections remains mayor for the term to come.
“I was previously on the council as a councillor,” says Prokop of his position with the town. “I then took on the role when our Mayor quit with the council’s unanimous support for remainder of that time, overall I became more interested comfortable and confident in the position and then decided to run for the elections just passed.”
After growing up in Lethbridge, Prokop moved to the town of Taber thirty-four years ago to join the police force. However, as Prokop grew into his roots in the area, he developed a love for the town and now is happy to be giving back to the area that he feels has given him so many opportunities for the last three decades.
“I love it here,” says Prokop. “I grew up in Lethbridge and I believe it really has a lot to offer, but since moving to Taber, I’ve realized that small communities have so much to offer and such a great quality of life and I think that most people living in a small town would agree.”
With a passion to help sustain and elevate the town he’s called home for a large portion of his life, Prokop is ready to settle into his role as Mayor with big plans and projects ahead.
After acquiring the permanent position of Mayor for the upcoming term in October, Prokop says he has two main goals in mind to make Taber a viable option for residents to want to stay in and move to in the upcoming years.
“We want to focus on Economic growth and recreational enhancement opportunities in the town. I believe they go hand in hand as far as keeping people here and happy,” says Prokop.
“Everyone can benefit from opportunities and economic growth creates those opportunities and jobs to want to stay here, as well as recreational activities give families and residents more options and that also keeps people here.”
With goals to maintain Taber’s stance as a thriving and opportunistic place to live within Alberta, Prokop added that there have already been several actions taken within the recreational and economic sectors. And with several new businesses opening in the town in the past few years, and recreational projects taking shape, Prokop believes his goals of creating more recreational and economic developments within the area is off to a great start.
“Recreationally things have started to take shape recently, we had the additional walking trail of over 4km added and there’s also been our trout pond revitalization project that has been making great progress,” says Prokop.
However, it’s not only these issues that Prokop wishes to address in his time with council but also the need for infrastructure updates and repairs throughout the city, from water and sewer repairs to continual work on roads and sidewalks that need to be addressed within the future.
With a steady population growth of 4.3% in the past five years Prokop is excited to be a part of a town that keeps growing and hopes to help it continue to shine as a great community in the years to come.
“We’re maintaining local residents that stay here, and in my time as Mayor I’m really looking to improve things and attract new people so that Taber can stay viable for young families and residents of all ages. I’ve enjoyed my time in council very much, although it’s been quite a challenge, there’s an interesting learning curve attached and i just want to keep helping.”

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