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Friday, 03 November 2017 06:54

Season for giving starts with Twin Butte’s annual Gala

Written by  Demi Knight
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From 2016, group poses for a picture. From 2016, group poses for a picture. Contributed

Pincher Creek’s saving grace is back again this November to help raise funds for the victims of the summer’s blazing wildfires.

 The 8th Annual gala, hosted this year by the Twin Butte Community Hall and the Angels Within Us Pincher Creek Foundation will start at 4 p.m. on Nov. 18 at the Pincher Creek Community Hall. However, the two orgamizations are combining to extend their reach and help victims of the Kenow fire affected not just in the town but the surrounding areas.
“We cover the MD of Pincher Creek and the town of Pincher Creek, which does include Twin Butte,” says President of the foundation, Sherry Mackenzie.
“But this year, it’s a little bit different because the fires were so big and devastating and it’s all so close to home, we decided to extend our reach this year of who we wanted to help by combining our fundraising efforts with Twin Butte, who were also planning their own fundraiser at the time to help these victims.”
The Angels Within Us, Pincher Creek Foundation formed several years ago to bring yearly events to families and causes in need throughout the community. With a small idea to give, the foundation snowballed into a cherished organization that helps between ten and twelve families each year, on top of their annual functions that collectively raise thousands for specific causes.
However, with the warm and dry weather that plagued Alberta throughout the summer and into the fall, the Kenow fire burned harshly, taking homes and livelihoods in its wake and prompting the foundation to band together with other affected areas and offer their support.
“We were all ready for our event and then, the fire happened,” says Mackenzie. “There’s so many people in the area and within Twin Butte who knew or had family and friends that have been affected, so this is a small way in which everyone gets to come together as a community and do a little part in helping so many people that were affected.”
This year’s event will be held in Twin Butte at the community hall, but will still offer the same evening of fun that the Angels Within Us Foundation has brought to their events for the past 7 years including a beef dinner, silent auction and live entertainment.
With the evening beginning at 4 p.m.,
a silent auction with items provided by local businesses, residents and people wanting to help starting at 7 p.m., and finally Reese Klaiber will be making an appearance to sing the night away at
9 p.m., the evening is putting the fun in fundraising and all for a great cause.
With high hopes to raise all the money needed to return homes, land and crops back to their former glory, Mackenzie says there’s a long road ahead but is optimistic they will pull through.
“I don’t think its out of the question to raise over $100,000 because on any given year, we’ve been able to raise at least half that. But, I would love to get closer to the higher end because there’s a lot of things such as hay that still needs to be bought for those affected.”
With the previous years fundraising events, selling out to 400 people, Mackenzie added that this year she’s hoping more funds can be raised due to the new hall being able to house up to 600 people this year.
However, she isn’t as concerned about the amount of money that will be raised, as she has faith in the love and giving nature of her community, but being able to allocate funds to where they are needed most since damages were so extensive, will prove to be the most challenging part of this process. 
“The hardest part isn’t going to be the fundraiser or receiving donations because people are so generous and they love the community. But, the hardest part will be to get the funds to where they’re most needed at this time.”
 Tickets are for sale in advance for $70 and can be purchased through calling Colleen Parkin at (403)-627-2594.
Money donations are also still being accepted as well as itrms for the silent auction, anyone interested in giving can visit angelswithinuspinchercreek/photos/a.695634017216644.1073741828.469018289878219/1458044367642268/?type=3&theater

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