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Socchia energized by different arts in Brooks

Written by  Rose Sanchez
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Cassandra Socchia feels fortunate to be able to go to work everyday loving what she does.

She has been able to build some interesting careers thanks in part to being in the right place at the right time and getting to know the right people.
Socchia runs Brooks Acrobatics full-time, but also operates a side business called Energy Portraits by Cassandra. Getting into both areas was no accident.
Raised in Brooks, but originally from Ontario, Socchia graduated from high school in the community. A dancer, she is formally trained and certified in artistic gymnastics, or acrobatics, specializing in helping others hone their skills in floor routines.
When she was 15 she was hired by a local studio to teach ballet to some gymnasts who wanted to work on their floor routines. At that time, she was asked if she would have an interest in learning more about how to train others in acrobatics so she began taking courses. She returned the following year to continue to instruct and has taken her training so far as to receive her Level 2 Women’s Artistic certification in gymnastics.
“Lots of training hours have went into it,” she adds, pointing out she has taken courses on everything from coaching to nutrition training.
She even worked for two years at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary with the Olympic team.
Her husband Aaron is also an entrepreneur with his own business called Four Seasons Property Care and they have a daughter and are expecting another child in February.
“We were just actually talking about this the other day, how much we enjoy being able to go and do what we love each day. We choose to do specifically what we love,” adds Socchia.
Another “love” that she has found just recently in the past two years has resulted in her side business called Energy Portraits by Cassandra.
When she met her significant other, his mother does holistic work and body talk therapies. While learning more about this and watching her work, Socchia discovered she can see people’s colours and auras — ultimately their energy. She will draw the shape she sees when looking at someone and the colours using pencil crayons, pastels or chalk.
“Certain colours mean certain things.”
She will tell someone what the colour she sees means and it will often trigger an emotion in the person or a memory. She says she doesn’t have any trouble reading people as auras are obvious to those people who can see them.
“I didn’t know I could do it until about two years ago and then I started practising,” she adds. “I was able to put colours to emotions when (my mother-in-law) was practising body talk.”
Socchia will attend trade shows and for $5 draw an energy portrait for a person.
She also hosts workshops which she actually started about three years ago with a Wellness Transformation workshop.
Now hosted once a month on the third week of every month in Socchia’s acrobatic studio is a New Beginnings, Goal Setting and Manifestation Workshop. She charges $5 per person for supplies.
“We talk about different life experiences and goals. Then we’ll write the goals down and put them into an envelope and date it for the next month and open it at the next session.”
It is a way for participants to see if they were successful in achieving their goals and continue to set new ones moving into the future.
So far there have been about 20 different individuals in attendance.
Last week, Socchia hosted a three-day event where the first evening was the goal setting session. Then on Oct. 20 she hosted a card reading workshop where people could handle and see the various kinds of cards that exist such as tarot, etc. Then on Oct. 21 as a fun seasonal event, she hosted a broomstick making workshop geared for adults.
“Anyone can come to (the workshops), they’re not just for spiritual people,” she adds.
Workshops are advertised in advance on her Facebook page Energy Portraits by Cassandra. More information about Brooks Acrobatics can be found at: or on Facebook.

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