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Results for Prairie Rose and Palliser School Divisions, Brooks, Bassano, High River and County of Newell

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Following are the results from a few areas around southern Alberta:

City of Brooks

City of Brooks
Mayor Barry Morishita acclaimed
Councillors (top six)
John Petrie-1,360
Norman Gerestein-1,064
Jon Nesbitt-966
Bill Prentice-909
Dan Klein-862
Michael Glynn MacDonald-851
Brian Curtis783
Cathy Corbett-Schock-726
Fred D. Rattai-709
Levi Fernell-581
Reg Radke-577
Asma Khan-299
David Angell-181
County of Newell
HAMMERGREN, WAYNE – 83  - Elected
UNRUH, ELLEN – 97 - Elected
DE JONG, BRIAN – 58 - Elected

Prairie Rose School Division
Here are the unofficial results of the Ward 4 election for the area of Redcliff, Ralston, Jenner and area. (Top 2 elected)
Arnold Frank  420
Pam Cursons  366
Meredith Conboy  316
Elected trustees will be sworn in on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at the Board Regular Meeting in Dunmore, Alberta at 12:45 PM.

Palliser School Division
The final two positions on the next Palliser Regional Schools Board of Trustees have been determined.
Election Day Monday saw winners announced in two of six jurisdictions, with the remainder elected by acclamation. Results will remain unofficial until noon on Nov. 20.
Elected trustee for Ward 1, Subdivision 4 (Picture Butte and surrounding area as well as Iron Springs) was Donald Boras with 302 votes.  Incumbent Craig Whitehead received 237 votes.
Elected trustee for Ward 2, Subdivision 1 (Vulcan County east of Highways 23/24 including Arrowwood, Milo and Champion) was Lorelei Bexte with 300 votes. The other candidate and also a newcomer, Marilyn MacArthur, received 117 votes.

Unofficial results for election in the Town of Bassano are as follows:
BARLOW, DOUGLAS – 207 – Elected
JONES, KEVIN – 284 – Elected
MACWILLIAM, LYNN – 191 – Elected
PETERSON, JACKIE – 254 – Elected
ROSE, THOMAS – 299 – Elected
SLOMP, JOHN C – 264 – Elected
WICKSON, RONALD – 325 – Elected

Town of High River municipal election results (unofficial)
HIGH RIVER, AB: The unofficial results of the 2017 High River municipal election are below.
Craig Snodgrass has been elected to serve as Mayor for the Town of High River after receiving 2,374 votes.

The following candidates have been elected to serve as Councillors for the Town of High River:
·         Cathy Couey (2,859 votes)
·         Michael Nychyk (2,381 votes)
·         Bruce Masterman (2,364 votes)
·         Don Moore (2,312 votes)
·         Carol MacMillan (1,694 votes)
·         Jamie Kinghorn (1,501 votes)
Please note, these results will become official as of Friday, Oct. 20 at 12 p.m. as candidates are given additional time to request a re-count, if required.
The new council will be sworn in at the annual organizational meeting on October 23 for a four-year term ending in October 2021.
The remaining votes were distributed as follows:
For Mayor:
·         Paul Milligan (1009 votes)
For Councillor:
·         Terry Coleman (1,415 votes)
·         Shane Tiessen (1,352 votes)
·         Justin Murphy (816 votes)

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