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Yard waste fall clean up in Brooks starting Nov. 6

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Starting on Monday, November 6th, the City of Brooks will be facilitating a City wide Yard Waste Fall Clean-Up.
The program is designed to assist residents in disposing of excess yard waste.

Residents can dispose of yard waste by bagging waste in clear plastic bags or compostable paper bags and leaving the bags out in their back lanes for crews to collect.
 In areas where there is no back lane, items are to be placed within 5 feet of their front road.
Yard waste must be placed on City property to avoid issues with items being picked up in error.
The City of Brooks would like to stress that this program is strictly limited to yard waste only.
All yard waste must be placed in the back lane or front road by 7 a.m. Nov. 6 for pickup during the week.
Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, garden debris and small branches up to 1/4” in diameter only. All other items such as household appliances, construction material and general garbage do not qualify for collection.
Fall Clean-Up will be made available for residential properties only; businesses do not qualify for this program.
Fall Clean-Up Rules:
• All yard waste must be bagged in clear transparent bags or compostable bags to make contents identifiable;
• Small branches must be securely bundled; and,
• Do not block or obstruct roadways or sidewalks. In areas where there are back lanes, items are to be placed beside the lane so as not to interfere with traffic.
Compost (Blue Bin) pick up will continue on its regular schedule. The last day of pick up for the season will be on October 31.
For more information, visit or contact: Don Saari, Public Works Department, Manager of Public Works & Utilities at (403) 362-3146.

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