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Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump celebrated Culture Days

Written by  Demi Knight
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Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump Historic Site celebrated Blackfoot and First Nations Culture from September 29th until October 1st with their Buffalo Harvest Days.

As part of Alberta’s Culture Days that annually works to spread celebration across the province, the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump are once again hosting a weekend of events for visitors to enjoy.
Site marketing and special events coordinator, Quinton CrowShoe says that the facility celebrated along with culture days each year in their own way by hosting the Buffalo harvest day events.
“These days are a celebration of culture across province of Alberta, and here at head smashed in buffalo jump we do our share.”
“Because of our ties to the Blackfoot and first nations culture we’ve named our event Buffalo Harvest Days,” added CrowShoe “because it was around this time of the year when our ancestors rounded up buffalos and prepared for winter.”
Each year during the Alberta culture days celebrations the site features different artists who come to demonstrate traditions within the culture, as well as new activities, offering guided tours of the facility, living off the land demonstrations and a buffalo themed meal within the cafeteria as well as a sale within the gift shop all weekend long.
This year, the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump’s Buffalo Harvest Days will feature a member of the Blood reserve who will demonstrate the art of drum making. The event will be a treat for all in attendance as he brings in some of the drums he’s worked on, showing visitors how the drums are constructed and singing some traditional songs.
“We have a fellow from the Blood Reserve coming in to show the drum making process and demonstrations but also talking to visitors and guests about the significance and the story of the drum,” says CrowShoe of the main event taking place over the weekend.
With this event being the last of the year at the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, CrowShoe says it a great way to end the season, and each year they see people stopping by to participate in the demonstrations.
“This is the last special event of the year here for us. Visitation definitely does increase over the course of the three days for sure.” 
Of course, the temporary free admission into the facility is also an attraction. In fact, as part of the Alberta Culture days celebrations the weekend actually offers free admission into all historic sites throughout the province.
This is the 10th year that the province has been holding these events within communities across the province to celebrate the Alberta’s rich culture and history and is something that the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump Historic Site and many other facilities in the community and government are proud to be a contributor.
“The Government of Alberta is proud to support Alberta Culture Days and the communities that put on amazing events every year. For 10 years, we have celebrated Alberta’s diverse and vibrant art and culture community, highlighting all the amazing aspects that make this province unique,” says Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ricardo Miranda.

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