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Fright Nights return to Warner’s Creepy Hollow attraction

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Creepy Hollow glows bright as night looms and visitors are welcomed to the frightening night ahead. The Creepy Hollow glows bright as night looms and visitors are welcomed to the frightening night ahead. Contributed

Get ready to scream in fear as Warner’s own Creepy Hollow bring back fright nights throughout the month of October.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the month home to Halloween, the makers of Creepy Hollow and previous owners of Stirling’s golden attraction the Haunted Mansion are giving visitors a night of thrills and chills.
Owner of the facility with her husband, Glory Reimer says that these nights came about as the attraction gained more and more popularity throughout the years as the calendar neared Halloween.
“Throughout the last 17 years that we’ve been doing these haunted houses, people come in October more and more. So, we set up these fright night’s where volunteers come in and dress up to scare people all throughout the property.”
“There’s a maze that’s fun for kids and adults,” added Reimer of what the fright night events have to offer the public “as well as a ghost town walk, a haunted house tour, a monster hall tour and we have a new graveyard this year too.”
The Creepy Hollow which is a relatively new attraction to Warner, came about after the Reimer family moved from their previous location in Stirling in which they owned and operated the Haunted Mansion. However, even though they moved towns, the idea to scare the community and offer a fun attraction for all to enjoy remained a constant.
It was the year 2000 when the Reimer family first decided to open a scary attraction after purchasing a mansion within Stirling that was said to already be haunted thanks to the colourful history that the building had within the town.
“Given the age and history and fun functions that it lived through, it lent itself to doing something like the Haunted Mansion so nicely!” says Reimer of the family’s decision to play with their properties history.
However, even with the house’s history, the idea to make it an attraction open to the whole community and travelers far and wide came about by chance.
“We actually started the house by accident. Me and my step-daughter thought it would be a fun idea if we decorated the place and gave the neighbourhood kids something fun to tour in the Halloween season and then it just grew from there.”
 Yet, after 14 years of bringing thrills and chills to Stirling, in 2014, the family made the move to Warner, where they purchased a 20-acre lot and have grown their brand of terrifying fun immensely. With this being the third year that the Creepy Hollow has officially been in business, Reimer says that although finding somewhere to fulfill their vision and give more to the community than their previous house was a task, being able to offer more year-round activities to visitors is such a great feeling.
“We felt like we didn’t have a choice but to get busy and build something new as fast as we could, finding a location was hard, but then we found an abandoned farm and there was a lot to do but so much room to create. The house is ever evolving and we offer more activities for sure, and not just Halloween season but throughout the year, such as murder mystery nights and zombie runs.”
Though the new location has much more to offer visitors, Halloween is a pivotal time, when guest numbers spike and the public ready themselves for nights filled with fright and fun.
While volunteers dress themselves up in costumes and hide throughout the property ready to jump out and scare unsuspecting visitors and people from far and wide walk the property, taking tours throughout the fantastically ‘creepy’ acreage, ready for the scary evening ahead.
These October spectacles have grown bigger, attracting more guests each year that the acreage is in action.
These Creepy Hollow fright nights take place Thursday through to Saturday throughout the night of October from 7-9 p.m. at the Creepy Hollow Acre’s which is located at P.O Box 424 in Warner.

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