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Strathmore expands sports sector in the upcoming months

Written by  Demi Knight
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Work continues throughout Hillview as the once green space is busy being transformed into new sporting fields for all to enjoy. Work continues throughout Hillview as the once green space is busy being transformed into new sporting fields for all to enjoy. Trent West

A big project is underway for Hillview as the community continues to move forward with the development of several sports fields.

 As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary projects, the community has decided to invest in creating more opportunities for the youth of Hillview to get active and enjoy the outdoors. This project that’s currently in the works includes both a new baseball diamond built to Alberta specifications, soccer pitches for all ages and on-site parking for sporting events.
Trent West, fire chief for the community of Strathmore, says adding these fields to the community has clear benefits for all to enjoy.
“You can arguably never have enough of those recreational opportunities and activities. Every community benefits from having more playable fields, especially when we can offer all-ages soccer groups in a community fields to play on.”
These projects which will help to promote within Strathmore and the community of Hillview a healthy way of living, clean growth and improved quality of life while being an economic advantage for the area are already underway and should be reaching completion by the end of October. However, the Town hasn’t been planning the project alone, all the while community stakeholders such as the Strathmore minor baseball association and the Strathmore minor soccer association have been brought onboard for professional opinions and to help create fields that will be a huge asset to the area once completed.
“Another great thing about these fields is that they’ll be regional assets that continue to improve and strengthen the region for recreation and sporting activities for many years to come,” says West of the added bonuses that the addition to the community will bring to the area in the future.
These new fields, which have been undergoing construction since the beginning of September this year, will see some serious changes from the previous green space that inhabited Hillview once they are completed.
With 2 smaller sized soccer fields in the works as well as 1 new full-size soccer pitch, that will be set up in such a way that it can double up as 6 smaller fields for the younger competitors, the new pitches will be able to cater to games and competitions within soccer for all ages.
The new baseball field is also something for residents to eagerly anticipate. With expectations to meet government specifications so that it can be used for provincial level competitions, the new space is set to add a lot of value to the lives of those living in Strathmore.
“It’s a good use of open space,” says West. “To leave it open as standing green space just wouldn’t be a good use of all that space.”
Since the project was introduced to the public at the start of September, there have been several information requests from residents about the fields says West about lighting, irrigation and parking, and West has made it his personal goal to get back to each and everyone with what they want to know.
“Since we’ve introduced the project and communicated out to residents about it getting underway, I’ve had five emails from area residents and I’ve met with them on site and discussed changes taking place, so there’s been lots of info shared and some input back and where we were able to accommodate comments of residents we definitely did so.”
Since work has gotten underway, Trent says good progress has been made and although the weather has thrown some moisture their way, West added that the project is still on schedule to be finished by the end of October 2017.
“We’ve made significant progress, it’s quite a-ways underway, we’re at grade level right now and so far, we haven’t run into any problems or complications.”
With the fields undergoing all their construction within the upcoming month, the fields should be ready for the public to enjoy by the summer of 2018.

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