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Lomond wheel-y happy with Vulcan

Written by  Demi Knight
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July marked the month the Village of Lomond would receive the donation of Vulcan’s unused skateboard equipment.

This equipment which was set up originally in Vulcan by the Kinsman Club only two years ago, saw recent upgrades to the facility which in turn meant the equipment got removed from the land and in turn placed in the town’s storage.
With an understanding of the unused equipment the town harboured, the Village of Lomond’s council approached Vulcan with the idea of purchasing the equipment.
However, Vulcan mayor Thomas Grant says instead of selling the equipment, they wanted to pass it along to their fellow municipality free of charge.  
“Originally, I believe that the Village was interested in purchasing the equipment, but because its going to be used by another municipality we thought if we that if we could donate it instead then that would be great.”
With the small village that’s home to just more than 100 people, the idea of new equipment is not only exciting, but a fun project for all those within the community and the joy of receiving this new equipment is palpable among all.
The idea of donating the apparatus was brought forward in a town council meeting that took place July 10 of this year.
It was here the news of the Village of Lomond approaching the town about the unused skateboard equipment was assessed for a decision. After it had been confirmed there were no current plans in motion for the re-use of the equipment, the town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kim Fath contacted the original purchasers of the skateboard equipment at the Kinsman Club.
After members of the club gladly agreed there were no issues with passing along the items to a place that could still reap their benefits, Councillor Lorna Armstrong approved the motion and set the donation in action.  
“Lomond first made the request from their council to our town council.
After it went through administration,
it appeared that we had no issues with giving the equipment to them and so that’s the direction it went it,” says Grant of the process.
 Although through a kind gesture from one municipality to another the skateboard apparatus was given, there were some repairs that needed to be addressed. However, Grant says this wasn’t an issue as it was the village’s plan to get the community involved in helping fix up the equipment and take ownership of their new facility. 
“There was some repairs and maintenance that needed to be done, but I know the Village of Lomond wanted kids in the community to participate in repairing it so they can take ownership of their new equipment.” 
With the community excited to bring a little more variety and outdoor activities to the village, work on the equipment began immediately.
“It’s always great if you can find a group that can use the stuff when we no longer need it rather than it being sent off to be recycled. It’s a win-win,” says Grant.
“It’s also a great opportunity for youth to participate in and take ownership over by helping fix it up.”

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