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Revisions made recently to Nanton’s new Community Standards Bylaw proposal

Written by  Demi Knight
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A new Community Standard Bylaw has been the talk of the town in recent months in Nanton.

The new proposed bylaw has gone through feedback sessions with the public, before being presented at late April’s council meeting where it has since been taken under review for changes.
The proposed bylaw which outlines the prohibition of certain activities in hopes to prevent noise, nuisances, unsightly premises and public disturbances was ‘scrapped’ in its current form at April’s council meeting. This was done so a new version could be authored with clarified language and small changes requested by the council.
The changes were rendered necessary by councillors during their meeting after a community feedback night was held April 3. At that event there seemed to be a common complaint amongst those in attendance relating to the proposed ‘curfew’ section of the bylaw.
Kevin Miller, chief administrative officer for the Town of Nanton, says during the months that followed the meeting, this concern was one of the revisions made to the document.
“At this point, after public feedback, we have removed the previously proposed sections regarding behaviours and the curfew,” says Miller.
After the council meeting, another topic that needed addressing was the language regarding the unsightly properties section of the proposed bylaw. This segment of the proposed document refers to the appearance of any property, premises and structures throughout the town that lack in general maintenance, upkeep or repairs. With concerns about the wording surrounding the proposed actions to be taken on such ‘unsightly properties’ the council also called for a re-write with more clarified language within this sub-section.
Miller says this was also seen to, and changes were made appropriately to accommodate council’s request.
“The language in the Unsightly Properties section has been made a little more specific during the re-write while still allowing for some level of discretion by our bylaw enforcement,” he explains.
The bylaw, which goes into detail not only about noise, nuisances, unsightly premises and public disturbances, but also the repercussions of such actions, has sat before council for a reading two times thus far in its journey to being brought into effect.
Now, with revisions, Miller says the final stages of this bylaw are taking place before it will finally go back to council once more.
“The bylaw is currently in the final stages of work in the services committee. We have a couple of very small changes that are still desired by the committee prior to it going back before council.”
With no set acceptance date in sight, Miller hopes the bylaw can be sent to be read once more before council soon, so it can progress further into adoption.
“The new bylaw has not yet been adopted. I am expecting this to go back to council and public engagement prior to the end of this term of council,” says Miller.
Although public engagement is not a necessity when adopting a new bylaw into effect, the town of Nanton hopes to continually work with the community to gain input and feedback throughout the continued process to create a new Community Standards Bylaw.

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