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Prairie Rose School Division will have one election

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The Prairie Rose School Division announced the results of those vying for trustee positions Monday afternoon. There was only one ward which will have an election.


The following wards are acclaimed: Incumbent candidates are noted by (I)
Ward 1:  Oyen, New Brigden, Acadia Valley, Bindloss, Cereal and area (2 vacancies)
Lois Bedwell (I) and Lucille Hertz (I)
Ward 2:  Dunmore, Irvine, Schuler and area (1 vacancy)
Cathy Hogg (I)
Ward 3:  Seven Persons and area (1 vacancy)
Graeme Dennis (I)
Ward 5:  Bow Island, Burdett and area (1 vacancy)
Stuart Angle (I)
Ward 6: Foremost, Manyberries and area (1 vacancy)
Stacy Hammel
Elections will be held in the following:
Ward 4:  Redcliff, Ralston, Jenner and area (2 vacancies)
Arnold Frank (I), Pam Cursons (I), Meredith Conboy

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