Sunday, 17 September 2017 12:18

No improvement in Waterton as of Sunday morning

Written by  Kenow Unified Command
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The Kenow Fire remains active and is classified as out of control.


Fire activity is predominantly on the fire perimeter and at localized hotspots within the perimeter where pockets of unburned fuels remain. The fire did not demonstrate any further growth over night and the fire is still estimated at approximately 36,000 hectares. We continue to work closely with provincial and local partners and emergency management organizations to contain this wildfire and protect key infrastructure and resources.
Our current priorities are:
-      Continuing protection of values and infrastructure;
-      Working to establish containment of the fire in strategic locations;
-      On-going assessment of impacted values and infrastructure;
-      Restoration of key infrastructure to prepare for re-entry.

Updates will be provided only when there is a significant change in fire activity or closures.

We wish to remind the public that the Kenow Fire is still active in the area and within the park boundaries. The Evacuation Order remains in effect and the park is closed to all incoming traffic except emergency vehicles and authorized personnel. Even though the townsite is no longer under threat, risks due to the active fire nearby and ongoing fire operations remain. Parks Canada continues to work to complete the detailed assessment, which includes identifying additional risks within the park. Due to the high intensity of the fire, there are a large number of danger trees, rock falls, and other hazards that remain throughout. Community members should not attempt to return to the area until advised by Parks Canada.


The area of fire within the Castle drainage continues to see minimal activity and remains at 500 hectares in size. Clear skies yesterday allowed for the use of aircraft for both assessment and suppression. Crews were deployed on the ground and were able to make good progress as well. Similar conditions are expected for today. The wildfire remains approximately 23 kilometres from Castle Mountain Resort and 30 kilometres from Beaver Mines. For more information, visit or call 1-866-FYI-FIRE at 1-866-394-3473.


·         The Kenow Fire has received only minor precipitation over the last few days.

·         Increased temperatures, drier conditions and increased wind are forecasted for this weekend. Fire behaviour and activity has the potential to increase with these conditions.


·         Waterton Lakes National Park is Closed:  Waterton Lakes National Park will be closed until we can assure it is safe to reopen. A safety assessment and any required work will be completed before the park is reopened.

·         Calgary Forest Protection Area south of Highway 532 is Closed:

Stay up-to-date through Waterton Lakes National Park’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Additional information about wildfires in the national mountain parks is available at

Stay up-to-date through Waterton Lakes National Park’s website, facebook page and twitter feed. Additional information about wildfires in the national mountain parks is available at

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