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Monday, 14 August 2017 07:00

The Miniature Horse Chuckwagon races are ready to take Cardston by storm this August

Written by  Demi Knight
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Attendees of the Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Races have a chance to meet the horse competitors. Attendees of the Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Races have a chance to meet the horse competitors. Photo courtesy Remington Carriage Museum

The Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Championships are riding into Cardston this August. With many racers prepared to compete, and some gearing up to reclaim their titles, the competitors are readying themselves for this annual event set for Aug. 18-19 this year.

Robert Mein, head of interpretation at the Remington Carriage Museum, says this event is a great time for everyone involved.
“The races are fun, safe and a thrill for people of all ages to watch. The focus on the race is fun.”
These championship racing days are a feature event for Cardston, that offers a great time to all those who wish to participate. With the unique stylings of these miniature chuckwagons, competitors and viewers get to experience a race like no other.
Being only one quarter of the size of a regular chuckwagon, these solid oak, 350-pound vehicles are pulled through the race by horses weighing around 100 pounds less and reaching no higher than 36 inches, all while being steered by grown adults throughout the track.
Although they compete for the glory, Mein says there’s a pride taken by competitors for their sportsmanship and passion to be involved in these annual events.
“The drivers are rewarded for good sportsmanship and good driving.”
This race, which is brought to Cardston by Friends of the Remington Carriage museum, has a great atmosphere that allows the community to relish in the wackiness and see these unique races in action, adds Mein.
“The horses are little, but they don’t know it. On the specially-made track made for the miniature horses, they run times that on scale are as fast as the thoroughbreds at the Calgary Stampede.”
This unique form of racing has been a big part of Alberta’s history for almost two decades, happening annually and travelling throughout the province for the past 19 years. It more recently broke into British Columbia where they will celebrate their 12th year of miniature chuckwagon racing this summer.
The races aren’t the only reason people flock to Cardston on this sunny weekend in August, but also for the activities the event offers as a whole.
On the opening night, partakers can watch the first race kick off at 6 p.m., and can also enjoy the cowboy social event at the Remington Carriage museum foyer where refreshments and music are available. Although admission to the museum is not included in the ticket price, the social event is. 
On Saturday, the fun continues with a free pancake breakfast for those who wish to attend before the races pick back up at 1 p.m.
The two-day racing event sees people coming by the thousands from across the province to bask in the sun’s glory and watch the fun as the miniature wagons race around the track.
“We usually have 2,500 visitors to the event over the two days. This is the 13th year of the event,” says Mein.
The annual Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Championships will begin this year on Aug. 18 and go through until the following day of Aug. 19. Tickets to the event are $15 per family, $5 per adult and $3 for youths.
For more information, visit the Remington Carriage Museum website at:

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