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Friday, 11 August 2017 07:00

The Pro Rodeo rides into Pincher Creek Aug. 17-20

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo gets into full swing as riders take on the wrath of steers before the audience. The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo gets into full swing as riders take on the wrath of steers before the audience. Photo by Rod Sinclair

The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo is riding into Pincher Creek this August for another weekend of fun. The rodeo celebrates its 24th appearance this year Aug. 17-20 with more events and entertainment for the community to enjoy.

Marie Everts, marketing, events and economic development officer for the Town of Pincher Creek, says the rodeo is a great way for the town to celebrate its roots and agricultural history.
“I really feel that the rodeo weekend highlights our community. Pincher Creek was founded as a horse ranching community and rodeo is strongly associated with that and we have a strong cattle and ranching presence here so it really highlights our past, present and future.”
The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo was brought to the town many years ago on the hopes of providing a fun weekend for members of the community and travellers of the province to come together and gain the full experience of a rodeo in an intimate setting.
Over the years, the rodeo has grown in popularity with hundreds coming out to attend the four-day event and take advantage of all the weekend has to offer. This year, Everts says, there’s been multiple new activities added to the list of old favourites such as a handmade market, a popular entertainer and Mounted Shooters brought in by the rodeo committee. However, when asked about the latter of the new events, Everts says it’s an addition people will have to come see to find out about.
“Along with all the regular stuff we have a new market on main street which will be in the old home hardware building, as well as a handmade market in the community hall which will work at showcasing handmade type of goods. It will have a very old-time fair feeling to it,” she says.
Alongside the new events, are the returning favourites, including the concession and beer gardens, a live auction, music and of course the main event itself — the rodeo.
The Pro Rodeo will start the weekend off early on Thursday, Aug. 17 with the official opening of the beer gardens for the adults to kick back and relax with a refreshing drink in the evening sun as well as the team roping event.
On Friday, the rodeo will get into full swing for its first show of the event and continue on into Saturday afternoon and evening. All the while on Saturday a dinner will be offered as well as live music and cabaret.
“Drew Gregory is playing for the first time this year and I know we’re all really pleased to have such a big artist in our community. I know the live music events usually sell out the 800 seating we have available pretty early,” says Evert of this year’s added entertainment.
Although this rodeo is a great local event, people come from across the province in cars and on motorcycles alike to celebrate the weekend in style and be a part of the rodeo in a way only Pincher Creek can offer says Evert.
“The really cool thing is that you’re so close to the action. You’re sitting so close and next to people who do the events in real life. It’s a small community atmosphere so there’s always so much knowledge in the crowd. You’re literally amongst the action.”
Last year saw a lot of traffic enter the town to enjoy some of the events offered by the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo, whether it be through an extended stay to see the whole weekend or just staying for a day to get a taste of the experience.
 The rodeo also offers a way to showcase businesses and celebrate the community, and organizers hope to keep growing and putting on the event for years to come.
“Pincher Creek puts on a good party,” adds Everts. “It’s a great way for us to showcase our businesses and highlight our roots, because agriculture has such a strong presence in Alberta and that’s never going to change.”

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