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Monday, 07 August 2017 07:00

The race is on this summer, as the Raymond Triathlon returns

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Raymond triathlon is back this year for its 8th appearance in August. With people travelling into Raymond from neighbouring communities and even from the United States to attend the event, the triathlon is ready to bring back the competition once again. This year the triathlon will be held Aug. 12. 

Todd-Loni Snow, organizer, says this triathlon is perfect for those wanting to delve right into competition, but it also offers great options for those just starting out.
“This event is a great starter tri for anyone wishing to see if they like the sport, as we offer different lengths for different levels as well as the team option. If someone is hesitant because they do not excel in one of the areas-swimming, biking, or running, they can find a teammate who is stronger in that area and join up to do it.”
The Raymond Triathlon, which began in the summer of 2010, was made possible by a small group of people within the community who had a passion to come together and use the resources available to make an event that all ages could enjoy whilst also promoting healthy lifestyles.
“A few people from Raymond competed in the Magrath triathlon
‘I Swam the Dam Triathlon.’ As we sat talking after the event, we figured with our new pool and good roads and great volunteers, we could pull one off as well. So, we approached the town and they gave us the go ahead.”
Over the years, the small community’s triathlon has grown to see a steady stream of around 130 participants signing up to compete, not just against others, but against their own personal goals.
The race is set up to offer challenges for every age group in every walk of life. From the Olympic race which hosts a 1.5-km swim, a 40-km bike ride and ends with a 10-km run, to the slightly less challenging sprint and super sprint races which see decreased distances in all three aspects.
The triathlon also offers a good starting competition for children that allows them to partake in a 100-metre swim, a 2.5-km bike ride and a one-kilometre run. The Triathlon has become a great place within the community for people and families alike to set goals for themselves and come together to achieve them, says Snow.
“We have had multi generational families compete and have a blast doing so. I love the fact that it brings a community together, it introduces the community to visitors, and most of all it encourages a healthy lifestyle and participation for all ages.”
However, it’s not just participating in the event that brings the community together, but also the help of hard-working volunteers throughout the day.
“Our volunteers take pride in keeping athletes safe and also in encouraging them as they go by.
It is truly uplifting to see tired, wore out athletes come up to a group of volunteers on the route and get a huge welcome and loud enthusiastic words of encouragement as they continue on,” adds Snow.
With new people attending each year and a constant stream of returning participants, snow says watching these people better themselves is a treat for the soul.
“It is fun to follow these athletes through the years and see how they do, that they are still involved and still participating, and for some to watch them overcome some trials and not give up as they continue to use exercise as a way to overcome and manage those trials.”
The triathlon organizers work with sponsors each year to be able to keep bringing the fun of competition to the town and help build community spirit.
For more information on the races, people are encouraged to visit their website at: http://www.raymond

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