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Friday, 04 August 2017 07:00

Raymond Pioneer Museum is offering families even more fun

Written by  Demi Knight
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Children enjoying the activities offered during the first official family night of the year. Children enjoying the activities offered during the first official family night of the year. Photo courtesy Raymond Pioneer Museum

The Raymond Pioneer Museum is open for business this summer with a new feature for the public to enjoy.

Starting in July, the museum began to offer a new family night every second Monday of the month in efforts to share the rich history of the town driven by its founding families.
Stewart Fossm board member with Raymond and District Historical Society, says this museum is an important part of the town, especially when it comes to family ties.
“This museum is important to the town because Raymond roots run deep, when it comes to history and family connection. What that often means is people may grow up and leave the community, but they tend to keep family connections,” he explains.
The new event is a social one for families in town to get together for a fun and educational night. The first event held July 3 saw people come out to attend a brief lesson and presentation on the history of Raymond, followed by games and family-orientated activities, then ending the evening with refreshments and a potluck.
“With this new event, we open the museum in the evening and have special activities for kids and fun for the families. This first one we held was at the start of July and the turnout was pretty decent,” says Fossm. “Basically, we can accommodate 50 people in the museum at a time since we’re pretty small. We had around 30 at this event, with three or four families at least.”
The Raymond Pioneer Museum, which was founded by the Raymond and District Historical Society in 1989 to help preserve the town’s rich history, has been a staple part of the community over the last 20 years.
While paying homage to the things that has made the town successful throughout the years, Fossm says the museum does a good job of capturing what the town of Raymond really stands for.
“There is that family connection that has been maintained all the way back to the beginning. There’s also so many other aspects and home-town pride and when people come to the museum they enjoy seeing those things celebrated.” 
Diverse groups of people visit the museum each month and there are evening tours during the winter hours. Although the museum is still open to the public through the winter months, the hours are scarce, and the museum works to accommodate tours for those who want them after hours.
“Often we get requests for people to come to the museum through evenings. We’re a small museum and it’s relatively quiet, during the winter. We’re only open three hours a week on Wednesdays and we’ll generally get one to three people a month wanting to visit during off hours,” says Fossm.
However, with the summer comes more availability for the public to view this historic site, with the museum open from Tuesday to Friday from 1-5 p.m. with an entrance fee of $2 for adults and 50 cents for youth.
As well as the new family night, Fossm says the museum also has a temporary display case that offers new artifacts to the public for a limited time.
“We have a temporary display case that rotates on occasions and right now we’re showing Japanese artifacts that were loaned to us in the spring to showcase here.”
Fossm adds the museum is currently working with the Historic Resource Committee to find new historic sites, and are in the process of recognizing new projects this summer.

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