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Canadian Coasters touring Canada celebrating anniversaries

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Canadian Coasters Tour is making its way across Canada this year, celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary since Confederation. Here they stop for a break in Lomond. The Canadian Coasters Tour is making its way across Canada this year, celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary since Confederation. Here they stop for a break in Lomond. Photo by Maggie Belisle

The Canadian Coasters is back again this summer, celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary in style. However, it’s not just Canada’s birthday the Coasters are celebrating, but their own personal milestone of their 50th anniversary and their seventh tour since their initial founding in 1967.

The tour which has worked its way through Alberta and Saskatchewan, is now on its way to Manitoba to continue the journey across the country. Frank Nicolette, Canadian Coasters Tour member, says their time so far has been enjoyed by all.
“We are leaving Manitou beach, Monday June 17th and heading for Dauphin Manitoba. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Saskatchewan and many are looking forward to a return visit.”
The Canadian Coasters tour was brought to light in 1966 by a group of Ontarians called the Historical Automobile Club, who had an idea to make an antique car tour that would travel the country, taking the roads less travelled by and uncovering new and exciting communities along the way.
This year marks the tours 50th anniversary and once again the team is going coast to coast from Victoria to Newfoundland to celebrate.
As the month of July passed members of the tour worked their way through Alberta stopping at significant landmarks along the way such as Bellevue and Lethbridge to interact with the communities and give people the chance to come out and celebrate with the tour their love for automobiles and antique treasures. They also stopped at the Great Canadian Barn Dance where they could enjoy tours to Cardston and Waterton Lakes National Park. After the Lethbridge stop, they travelled to the eastern side of Alberta to stay in Patricia and see sites around Brooks before leaving for Saskatchewan.
While the tour is stacked with more than 125 participants this year who all did their part in travelling the country to promote people’s love for cars, the event was more than just a celebration of old treasures, but also a union of car clubs from coast to coast that worked together to host the tour as it passed through.
As the initial founders of the tour had hoped, this event has worked to unify car clubs across the country over the years, resulting in the establishment of the first chartered organization within the country now known as the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada.
After passing through Alberta the tour made their way into Saskatchewan where participants set up camp in multiple communities from Cypress Hills and Maple Creek to Ogema and Regina. Once again people came out from across the province to meet with members of the tour, show them around their community and talk about their love for these vehicles.
Although members of the tour get to travel to new communities across the country and learn about their history, Nicolette says the people he gets to meet along the way are a constant highlight.
“Some of my favourite parts have to be the people we meet along the way. You always hear about Canadians being friendly but locals have gone out of their way to chat, share history and help those with break downs.”
Since all the automobiles involved in the tour are considerably older, there have been instances where the cars have broken down and the communities have stepped up to lend a hand.
“We’ve had everything from locals searching out parts for these old vehicles. Recommending best shops to offering their residences as a place to work on vehicles and get us back on our way. Many refuse to take anything for their time,” says Nicolette of the communities’ efforts and kindness towards members of the tour.
The two-month long tour that started on the ocean’s shore in Victoria on June 29, will  wrap up at the end of the summer on Sept. 1 in Cupids, Newfoundland.
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