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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 07:00

Vulcan Business Development Society to receive new funding to aid communities’ economic growth

Written by  Demi Knight
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Vulcan Business Development Society recently received a grant to further the development of the county’s Industrial Business Park.

With this new grant, the Business Development Society of Vulcan is hoping to expand its strategic goals and make communities a better place for development for other businesses.
Ashlee Beck, business development specialist, says this grant was needed and the Business Development society is pleased to be able to offer the new opportunity.
“We are extremely excited about receiving the funding for this project. We regularly get inquiries from businesses looking to invest in our community and one of our biggest challenges is having serviced land for them to develop. This project will bring us one step closer.”
This grant offers an overall funding of $50,000, where it is dollar for dollar with 25 per cent of all the funding coming from the Vulcan Business Development Society themselves. Another 12.5 per cent comes from the towns of Vulcan and Vulcan County, while the other 50 per cent is provided by the CARES program.
With this new Industrial Business Park project a go, a new and experienced hiring consultant will be on board to help manage and advise on the best possible land strategies that will help the communities accomplish their goals in creating jobs and diversifying their local economies.
“This project is just one stepping stone in the path to our goal. Having serviceable commercial land available for future investment will allow us to market our region as a great place to work and live. Currently, within the Town of Vulcan, we have minimal business space available as well as un-serviced lots. The continuation of this project, as well as other projects currently taking place, will help to solve this issue. The new MGA (Municipal Government Act) is promoting municipal collaboration on projects and planning, this is just one of many collaborative projects happening in our region.
“Many of our municipalities have serviced residential and industrial property that will play a part in marketing our finished project,” adds Beck about the new opportunities arising from the grant within the town of Vulcan.
With this new funding being available to the VBDS, and the knowledge of businesses wanting to invest, a request for proposals was advertised throughout Vulcan and surrounding communities with a closing date of April 19. 
The VBDS received 11 proposals from companies across Canada. MDB insights was ultimately chosen as the company the VBDS will work with next on this new opportunity provided by the funding.
The Vulcan Business Development Society is a company that has worked since 2005 at developing economies within several communities surrounding the town of Vulcan.
These include Vulcan County, and the villages of Arrowwood, Champion, Lomond and Milo.
With the main goal of assisting current existing businesses to grow and encouraging new businesses to be set up and succeed within the dynamic economic opportunities provided by these small towns and communities, the VBDS also works to help promote the areas of Vulcan and surrounding communities as a prime place to invest and grow outside businesses.  
The announcement was made of the new funding on April 7 by MLA for Lethbridge East, Maria Fitzpatrick on behalf of Economic Development and Trade Minister Deron Bilous.
Vulcan will also receive a $65,000 grant for its Brand Innovation Society for the new Operation of Communicate, Accelerate and Collaborate project.

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