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Motorcycle enthusiasts delight as bikes and bombers is back once again this July in Nanton

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Bikes and Bombers event is back again this July 22 in Nanton with more bikes, cars and engines than ever.

The event which is returning for its fourth year this summer is the biggest it’s ever been thanks to the American Motors Club joining in on the fun and presenting their show and shine cars next door to the bikes.
Karl Kjarsgaard, director of the Bomber Command Museum, says this year, people have the opportunity to see not only the bikes they love so much, but also a car exhibition and show and shine.
“This year, it’s a double whammy. People attending the bikes and bombers will get to see upwards of 300 motorcycles, vintage motorcycles, and a Lancaster Bomber, because guys just love good old engines,” says Kjarsgaard.
“American Motors Club of Alberta is having a car exhibition show and shine on the same day next door at the baseball diamonds, so it’s going to be a double extravaganza. We’re really looking forward to it.”
The Bikes and Bombers event has worked each year to showcase the beauty of the museum and war-time history all while giving motorcycle lovers from across the country, the opportunity to dive right in to the event and show off their own machines as well as admire the beauty of others from across the country.
With great initiatives to bring in more bikes, the event offers commemorative badges to the first 100 people that ride on in. This special day that brings motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the province and country alike together, hosts not only a space to display these wondrous machines, but also various activities throughout the day such as having the opportunity to witness the Lancaster Bomber Merlin V-12 engine run as well as the Bristol Hercules engine and a lunch concession for when the crowd begins to get hungry.
However, this year comes the added bonus of the ‘Field of Dreams Charitable Show and Shine’ where participants can cross over to the baseball diamonds and view a variety of old and new cars alike at the show and shine exhibition. This sponsored event will be working in part with the Legion Poppy Fund to help raise donations for the organization.
Hundreds of people are usually in attendance at these spotlighted events held by the Bomber Command Museum, but Kjarsgaard says this year there could be more thanks to the added events the day has to offer.
“We get hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, if it’s a good day, out to the event, but we’ve been doing it for four years now, and this time we have the cars so we invite everyone to come out and have a fun time listening to bomber engines run, admire the motorcycles and look at beautiful cars on the side.”
The Bomber Command Museum, which has been a staple to Nanton’s history for more than 20 years, has worked to commemorate Canada’s past and become a memorial for those who flew in Bomber Commands during war times. This museum along with the annual events they hold have become not only a national treasure as the only museum dedicated to bomber commands throughout the country, but it has also earned a name internationally across the world.
“This museum put Nanton on map both nationally and internationally, only national memorial for Canadians that flew in bomber commands. Events like these work to include the entire communities around us and everyone that’s comes from over provinces to enjoy these spotlighted events and learn a little about war time history in the process,” says Kjarsgaard of the work the museum does each year.

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