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Rural water projects in Alberta receive funding

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Government of Alberta is investing in water this year with a $131-million grant to aid various water projects throughout the province.

This new funding aims to help communities across the province provide clean drinking water and proper wastewater treatment to the rural public.
The Water for Life and Alberta Municipal Water/ Waterwaste Partnership (AMWWP) funding is being made available to support an overall of 29 water infrastructure projects throughout Alberta.          
John Whaley, a director with the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, says this grant shows the province’s dedication to the health of its people.
“Both the Water for Life and the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership programs are vital for the continued health and welfare of all Albertans. Programs such as these allow rural Albertans to know their municipal councils and the province have their well-being top of mind.”
Three communities in particular seeing extra funding for water projects is Milk River, Nobleford and the Crowsnest Pass.
The Town of Milk River will receive a total of almost $1.4 million through the AMWWP grant that will go towards its Raw Water Reservoir Project.
This project aims to provide additional raw water storage within the reservoir that will ultimately result in water supplies during dry weather occurrences.
The outcome of this project also holds the promise of providing clean drinking water to the rural community within the future.
The overall cost of this project is set to be $1,860,000 including the grant of $1,395,000 and the municipal government paying the remaining $465,000.
The Village of Nobleford will also receive funding from the AMWWP in the amount of $2,206,204 to upgrade its wastewater lagoon. This project improves the treatment of wastewater as well as helps to protect the local watershed. In turn, this helps create more jobs for the local economy. The project is set to cost an overall amount of $3,152,034.
The Specialized Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is the third southwest Alberta community to receive funding from the AMWWP. With the estimated cost of its SCADA upgrade project being $269,608, the town will receive $185,140 in funding towards said project.
The SCADA upgrade project will work towards improving the town’s computer and information systems, to help the Crowsnest Pass ultimately improve its water infrastructure services.
“It’s costly to provide wastewater treatment, that’s why our government is investing in these programs. We’re announcing more than $131 million. This investment will support 22 new water projects from Milk River in the south to Dixonville in the north. This is about quality of life. You should be able to turn on the tap and expect quality drinking water,” says Whaley of the new funding being offered by the government.
Another project recently announced was that of the wastewater line from Sylvan Lake to Red Deer. This project was given a significantly larger grant of $37 million so the new construction of the wastewater line can meet the need of the community.
The projects are set to be underway within the year, with the government officials hopes that by investing in Alberta’s rural communities they can help create and sustain around 900 jobs overall throughout the province.

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