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Foodies ready to feast in Waterton

Written by  Demi Knight
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A family enjoying some of Waterton’s finest delicacies during the Food Festival. A family enjoying some of Waterton’s finest delicacies during the Food Festival. Photo by Mike Heywood

Local talent and culinary pursuers unite this month for the annual Waterton Food Festival. Returning for second year in a row, this festival is set to be bigger and better than ever.

Shameer Suleman, head of marketing and vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce in Waterton, says after the success of last year, they’re on the right track to succeed once again for the second year in a row.
“The first year was amazing,” said Suleman.
“We sold out of pretty much everything and we’re pretty much on the same track for this year again.”
Culinary professionals are set to gather within the small community of Waterton to bring gourmet delicacies to life. 
“We do this because we wanted to showcase the locals talent. So many places in Waterton are family run and have menus that are unique to them and have been for years. Everyone has a reason why their restaurant does well and we really just wanted to get the locals to come down and try that great food,” explains Suleman, when asked why the food festival was so such an important event within the national park.
Throughout the duration of the festival, each restaurant in town showcases a special menu found only during the 10-day event where they can show off their best food.
Suleman says there is more to be tasted than just food this year.
“We have beer reps from craft breweries coming into town as well for tastings that has a $20 cover charge.”
The annual Food Festival was founded last year by the Chamber of Commerce as a way to kick off the early season and attract locals to be involved with the delicacies that make Waterton proud.
However, the 10-day event is back not only to showcase local talent, but also to give participants an overall experience worth remembering.
Fan favourite activities such as the Pie Cruise, Thirsty Bear Social and the Chef’s Table Dinner, where members of the public are able to indulge in a four-course dinner while overlooking the breathtaking scenery that is the Canadian Rockies, are making a return again this year. A new live theatre is also being added to the mix this time around.
“A new live dinner is being showcased by Waterton Arts Opera at the chophouse, where the theatre of opera is brought straight to the dinner table,” says Suleman.
Last year saw some tremendous turnouts throughout the 10 days. This year, organizers are hoping to make it even better.
“We’re almost at capacity again this year, it’s rocking. It’s always a great time.”
 The Waterton Food Festival begins May 26 and runs through until June 4.
For more information on event times, dates and ticket prices members of the public are urged to visit the website at: events/waterton-food-festival-2017/wata65d7 df13513c45d5.

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